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The Sarah Palin Ringtone

We Are Entering Cold Climate Era!

I have been saying for years that (gasp) Global warming was a hoax. Now NASA has finally admitted that we are in or entering a cold period that will last 20 to 30 years based on their solar observations.

The Space and Science Research Center (SSRC) announces today that the most recent data from NASA describing the unusual behavior of the Sun validates a nearly four year long quest by SSRC Director John L. Casey to convince the US government, the media, and the public that we are heading into a new cold climate era with 20 to 30 years of record setting cold weather.

Now will you deniers sell the believers of global warming some blankets. They will be trading in their Hawaiian shirts for down jackets and Muk luks!

College education is the largest scam in U.S. history!

I have a nephew that will enter college in the fall. He wants to be a pediatrician. He figures his first year will cost $40,000! That’s outrageous.

This video is brought to you by the National Inflation Association (NIA). Please encourage your friends and family members subscribe for free at: http://inflation.us. I signed up. I’s free.

Grímsvötn In Iceland Erupts

Iceland’s new volcanic eruption: a nine-mile plume of ash coming out of its most active volcano, Grímsvötn. The volcano is located under the Vatnajokull glacier in the south east of Iceland.

Netanyahu Gives Obama History Lesson

In the wake of President Obama’s reckless comments directed towards Israel, I have just added my name to Grassfire Nation’s “I Support Israel” petition, and I’m urging you to do the same.

Click here for more and to add your name to Grassfire Nation’s “I Support Israel” petition by clicking below:


Lara Logan On “60 Minutes” Sunday

Afghanistan’s former top spy will shock you with his intelligence on Pakistan’s support for America’s enemies. Amrullah Saleh tells Lara Logan he once traced Osama bin Laden to a town only 12 miles from the Pakistani city where U.S. forces killed him last week and Pakistan ignored the information.

I so happy she’s back sharing stories.

James Turk Interviews John Embry

Should You Give Your Teenagers Credit Cards?

Back in 2007, I wrote a piece about Kids With (credit) Cards! Here’s another look at the subject by guest, freelance writer Anthony Benedict:

When is the right time to give your child a credit card? Is it best to wait until they are an adult themselves, or is it better to get them used to credit before they leave the house and try to fend for themselves?

While most parents seem to agree that it is best to wait until the age of 18 to give your teenager a credit card, many financial experts disagree. They say it is better to get them acquainted with credit cards at about sixteen. They argue that waiting until 18 is too late, because you will no longer have any control over their spending habits, and they will end up abusing their new found credit.

Reasons Why it Might Be a Good Idea

By giving your teenager a credit card before they leave the home, you can help them develop their spending habits and their credit management. It is not unlike training wheels. They can use the credit card, but they know that they will be in serious trouble if they abuse it. This will get them accustomed to the proper way to use credit.

The best thing about this method is that it allows you to monitor your teenager’s spending habits. Nothing spent on a credit card goes unrecorded. You can keep an eye on what your teenager is buying, as well as how responsible they are with the money that they have. You will also be able to identify any problems that they are having dealing with money, before the problem escalates.

It also allows you to explain things that a teenager might not fully understand, such as the fact that just because they are using cashback credit cards, this doesn’t mean it is better to spend more on the card. They can learn more about debt and see how it works firsthand, without needing to end up in a bad financial problem.

It is also advantageous to give teenagers credit cards since they will not be carrying around a large amount of cash. This can be a somewhat dangerous state of affairs that puts them at risk.

Why It’s Best to Teach Them Early

Most seniors in college with a single credit card have more than $4,100 of credit card debt. Many of these students were never taught how to use a credit card, and went crazy with one as soon as they got a hold of it. Proper use of credit can be learned in one of two ways: the easy way or the hard way.

The easy way is under parental supervision, where problems can be caught early on. The hard way is on your own, accumulating bad credit, falling behind on payments, and possibly even going into bankruptcy.

Do it the Right Way

If you can’t teach your teenager how to use a credit card properly, it might be a better idea to avoid using one at all, however. Simply handing them a card won’t teach them how to use it. You need to review their spending every month, both on your own and with them, in order to help them control their spending habits. Review what would happen if they only made the minimum monthly payments, so that they understand the reality of interest and debt.

Ryan Stotland Sings About Gold On New Album

Ryan Stotland has just released a new album “Recession Sessions” which is about the global recession.

The song featured below is a song that he wrote about the price of gold called gold price factors. The song talks about the primary factors driving the price of gold….low interest rates and quantitative easing, emerging market demand and low risk tolerance. It’s a folk song with guitar, harmonica and a little mandolin.

Here’s a short video that talks about the album:

Are The Anti-War People Happy?

Came across this little ditty from August 2007:

Barack Obama,
he’s our man.
If he can’t widen the war,
nobody can.

Let’s see, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Pakistan!  Who’s next?

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