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Market Showing A Trend Reversal To The Up Side

Chris Vermeulen, Founder of Technical Traders Ltd. – Partnership Program, just did a short analysis article on sector rotation showing a possible bottom for stocks.

Come Clean Re: Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant!


…the public perception of the problems at the Ft. Calhoun nuke plant in Nebraska is getting foggier still with reports on the ‘net suggesting that a 10-mile evacuation is underway, but that references to it have been scrubbed from the net.

Are Things About To Get Ugly?

Jim Sinclair alluded to it yesterday at JS Mineset when he wrote:

Please note: money market funds are experiencing increased withdrawals. This could be dangerous.

Why? Marc Chandler who is the head of global currency strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman notes that short-term commercial paper is mostly purchased by money market funds. Ten of the top 15 issuers of such short-term paper are European banks and Moody’s estimates that of over half of that is accounted for by Frenchbanks. Moody’s just placed 3 French banks on review for a possible downgrade.

The result is money fleeing to strictly US Treasury or US high grade money market funds. Chandler likens the European troubles as a contagion that is coming to America.

Katherine McPhee In “Smash”

She’s back in a new NBC series this fall: “Smash” and Katherine McPhee!

Arlene Forms In Caribbean

The first named storm of the season, tropical storm Arlene, has formed in the Caribbean off shore of Campeche on the Yucatan peninsula. Winds are currently at a sustained <39 miles per hour and landfall is expected around the 22N parallel.

Eugene, Oregon Upholds Ban

Lovely Eugene, Oregon makes national news as a lib city with the ban on saying the Pledge Of Allegiance at city council meetings. The pledge is divisive the opposition argued. A compromise did allow it on or near four holidays: Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day.

I thought the pledge was supposed to unite us!


Hat Tip Instapundit

Forest Fires Dominate Southern U.S.

CBS News reports:

A vicious wildfire spread through the mountains above a northern New Mexico town on Tuesday, driving thousands of people from their homes as officials at a government nuclear laboratory tried to dispel concerns about the safety of sensitive materials.

The wildfire — which has swelled to about 93 square miles — sparked a spot fire at the Los Alamos National Laboratory on Monday. The fire was quickly contained, and lab officials said no contamination was released and radioactive materials stored at spots on the sprawling lab were safe.

Debris Avalanche / Lahar on Mount Rainier in Washington

A debris flow captured on video from Mt. Rainier, June 25, 2011.

On June 25th there was an avalanche/landslide on Mt. Rainier. Big Think has the story and AGU Blogoshere has the video. It’s pretty spectacular and illustrates what happens when a volcano erupts.

The Anti-Tea Party Formed By Van Jones

Ulsterman reports:

President Barack Obama’s former “Green Czar” and devoted communist Van Jones now heads the Soros-funded “The American Dream Movement”, whose primary goal is to counteract the popularity of the Tea Party and defeat conservatives in 2012…

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