Honduran Truth Comes Out!

My blood is boiling!  I’ve posted many, many times about Honduras and how the people backed the constitution against President Zelaya and how the Obama regime sided with Hugo Chavez and all the other statists.  You can read them all here: Honduras.

Now the Organization of American States (OAS) released its report earlier this month about the threat to liberty in Honduras and here’s the gist:

…the report is a solid indictment of the former president as the provocateur of the crisis and a corrupt head of state. Given the intense international pressure to produce something that would save face for Zelaya backers, this can mean only one thing: The evidence against him was overwhelming.

That leaves Obama, Sen. Kerry and all the others sucking muddy pond water. What an injustice for the Hondurans. Their financial support was taken away along with their visas to come to the U.S., all because our government sided with the socialists and statists. How many days of this regime are left, 469 days? It will be good riddance!

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  1. I am not really interested in celebrities. I think we spend too much time on false news as our nation deteriorates.

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