Kerry Spokesman Stripped Of Silver Star

I posted a lot about Sen. Kerry when he was running for president. I contributed to the Swift Boat Vets so they could teach you the real facts about Sen. Kerry’s war record. The proudest moment was retelling the story of the Vietnam Vet who greeted Sen. Kerry when he visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall:

Ted Sampley, a former Green Beret who served two full tours in Vietnam, spotted Kerry and his Secret service detail at about 9:00 a.m. Monday morning at the Wall. Sampley walked up to Kerry, extended his hand and said, “Senator, I am Ted Sampley, the head of Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry, and I am here to escort you away from the Wall because you do not belong here.”

Now the man who stood up at the Democratic convention and supported Kerry for President has been stripped of his silver star. “Wade Sanders is now in Federal prison, serving a 37-month sentence for possessing child pornography.” Apparently the two actions are unrelated!

The American Thinker has the story.

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