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Butte Falls, OR Again

map 1.8  2011/08/28 22:03:44 42.613N 122.409W 17.6
15 km ( 9 mi) ENE of  Butte Falls, OR

Now Or Eventually?

Bev and I spent an enjoyable weekend with our friends Bill and Connie at Neskowin. Plenty of food, drink and conversation. Just plain relaxing with walks thrown in on the sand or through the town. One big difference between Bill’s and my outlook for the U.S. economy is time. He thinks eventually we will end where Greece is now, bankrupt, if we continue on our present fiscal and monetary path. There is still time to pull out of our nosedive. We just need the political will.

I don’t see any political will to cut trillions from our spending that can overcome the anger from the public once they see their programs being cut. I think it is too late. We both like Gold. He is not willing to guess how high the high is for Gold and it may take years saying the high is unknowable. I on the other hand think we could go parabolic and the endgame is over the next year and a half. I base part of my reasoning on the following chart:

(Click on to enlarge)

If we stay in the current uptrend, we will look like the period from 1970 to 1980 and the top is up near $10,000 in 2012. What’s the risk if I’m wrong? You own lots of Gold before everyone else. What’s the risk if he’s wrong? Anything denominated in dollars vanishes like the memory of summer heat in November.

Music To My Ears From Gov. Perry

“We’ve got to stop spending money we don’t have,” said Perry. “I promise you this, I will work every day to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential to you as I can.”

Deniers Compared To Racists

I do not accept the premise! I understand how much you believe in your theory, but don’t try to destroy the many more that don’t accept your histrionics.

Al Gore says, One day climate change skeptics will be seen in the same negative light as racists, or so says former Vice President Al Gore.

The science is not so cut and dried as the former Vice President claims. For every scientist on the warming side, there’s at least one on the opposing side. And for all the claims that the levels of CO2 or GHGs are climbing, there has been no evidence that the earth is warming. In fact all the dire consequences of more hurricanes based on (gasp) global warming just have not materialized. There seems to be a much more substantial connection between the output from the sun than anything else.

Don’t try to paint me into the corner called racism. The analogy doesn’t hold.

New To My Kindle

“The Cut” by George Pelecanos

George Pelecanos is an independent film producer, an essayist, the recipient of numerous international writing awards, a producer and an Emmy-nominated writer on the HBO hit series The Wire, and the author of a bestselling series of novels set in and around Washington, D.C. He currently writes for the acclaimed HBO series Treme.

NW Oregon Quakes

map 1.4  2011/08/28 17:46:25 46.228N 123.071W 21.3
9 km ( 6 mi) NW  of  West Longview, WA

map 1.4  2011/08/27 11:35:08 45.834N 122.922W 24.2
9 km ( 5 mi) WSW of  St. Helens, OR

West Longview is almost Oregon!

“Food, Inc.”

Karl Weber’s important, eye-opening food exposé is just $1.49

Two More Small Oregon Quakes

map 1.2  2011/08/25 16:16:25 45.121N 120.930W 17.6
13 km ( 8 mi) ESE of  Maupin, OR

map 2.0  2011/08/24 20:59:47 42.626N 122.397W  2.3
17 km (10 mi) NE  of  Butte Falls, OR

How To Pick The Best Door For Your Home

My wife and I have been seriously contemplating the idea of having our house door changed. They’re old, they’ve lost their spark, they don’t please us anymore. Plus, if we are thinking about selling our house one day and move someplace else, a brand new front door will definitely boost the price. So today I decided to get a little deeper into the matter and find out how exactly does one pick the perfect door for his home.


Pick The Ideal Front Door Tips   


You will want to get a front door that is not going to look good, but that is also going to be highly resistant through rain, snow fall, powerful wind or sun rays. You are also going to need a door that is intruder-resistant. Some of the most popular options at the moment refer to glass panel doors that will bright up your home, or newer versions of wooden doors that are sturdier. Doors made of fiberglass and metal are also on high demand right now due to the fact they tend to ensure an extra degree of home safety and also because they are more affordable.


What Exactly Do You Need?


You will need to figure out whether you need to replace the entire framing of your old door or you simply need to change the door itself. In case you determine you also need the frame changed, you will also need to get a new threshold and new door jambs. To get new door jambs you will need to measure the width and the height between the inner edges of the casing. You will also need to add half an inch to the height of the frame and half an inch up to three quarters of an inch to the width of the door’s frame. So use your old door to get the new dimensions of your new door. The width needs to be measured across the face of the door. As a side note, there are also door-replacement kits that can be used instead of replacing an entire door frame. This will imply pre-hanging the new door in a small frame made of steel that will be attached to the old one. Finding the right size for these kits can prove to be hard to do, so you might want to stick to the classic front door hunt.   


Types Of Doors To Choose


Wooden doors come in many shapes and sizes and they can be amazingly luxurious. But they also mean having to deal with a lot of upkeep. Moist and wetness can ruin the wood, powerful sun can crack the door – but high-gloss finishes do exist. Fiberglass composite doors last a great deal of time, they are affordable, and they require almost no upkeep. Steel doors are great for insulating purposes, add great value to your home and are easy to repair. If you need help changing the locks on your doors, get in touch with a professional locksmith in your area. Check this site for more details and sue the 10,000 locksmiths’ directory; get useful tips from professionals or read customer reviews to make sure you will pick the best handyman.


Fresh Oregon Jiggles

map 1.5  2011/08/24 14:04:10 45.640N 123.378W  0.0
21 km (13 mi) W   of  Banks, OR
map 1.5  2011/08/24 12:29:26 45.323N 123.467W 23.3
22 km (14 mi) W   of  Yamhill, OR

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