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Lara Logan On 60 Minutes Sunday

Meet free-solo rock climber Alex Honnold, one of the most intriguing people “60 Minutes” has ever covered. Their cameras put you right beside him 2,000 feet up with no ropes or nets, while correspondent Lara Logan gets at why this 26-year-old risks his life. Watch a preview

I Smell Stupidity!

Technology Rules!

First, news from University of California, Davis, scientists have developed a new cotton fabric that is self-cleaning, kills bacteria and breaks down toxic chemicals such as pesticide residues when exposed to light.

This will be great for “…;biological and chemical protective clothing for healthcare, food processing and farm workers, as well as military personnel.” Now we need something for those folks living downwind of Fukushima.

Second, from Spain comes an intelligent T-shirt that monitors both a person’s heart rate and temperature and tracks one’s whereabouts in a hospital.

“The user-friendly unit, called the Lobin healthcare-monitoring system, was created over 18 months by four Spanish companies in partnership with Jose Moreno, Gregorio Lopez, and Victor Custodio at Carlos III University in Madrid.”

Third, from BAE Systems comes a cloaking device. “Once mounted on a vehicles hull or ballistic armour plates, ADAPTIV renders a vehicle invisible to infra-red and other surveillance technology.

Whether it is day or night, whether they are on the move or stationary, ADAPTIV gives your vehicles increased stealth – and greater survivability”.

Volcano Threat Sparks Evacuation In Canaries

Seismicity at El Hierro over the past few weeks, with most recent in red. Image courtesy of IGN.

Mike, you say, why should I care about earthquakes or the volcano in the Canaries?  Where are the Canaries, anyway?

Some 50,000 to 130,000 years ago a volcano in the Canaries collapsed into the Atlantic ocean and created a tsunami 300 feet high that raced across the sea in all directions including the east coast of North America.  Can you imagine a wall of water 30 stories high slamming into New York, or Washington D.C. or Florida.  The loss of life would be monumental.

El Hierro on the youngest island in the Canaries, which are offshore from Spain, has experienced over 8,000 quakes since mid-June and scientiests are fearful that it will soon erupt.  In fact, just this week “…the volcanic seismicity has prompted the closure of a tunnel on the island and 300 people have been evacuated to temporary shelters for fear of earthquake-triggered landslides.”

Vancouver, WA Vibrates

map 1.1  2011/09/27 03:47:36 45.626N 122.623W  9.7
2 km ( 1 mi) WSW of  Vancouver, WA

The Role of a Stock Broker

Is the role of a stock broker all important? If you are planning to be one, there is a need to consider the investment style that you are planning to be active in. Brokers are typically hired by brokerage films in order to fetch or sell stocks in various stock exchanges. The concerns often arise if an individual needs a broker especially if you are planning to buy and sell online. On the other hand, if you plan to trade stocks on stock exchange, you may also want to personally hire a stock broker. The online trading needs to be diverted through a cleaning house of a brokerage firm.


A Stock Broker’s Responsibility

Stock brokers are often dictated in order to pass different tests with the purpose of achieving their license. These examinations are quite uncompromising; most brokers usually have a precinct in finance or business, and often with a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s Degree. They often serve as a middleman between the sellers and buyers in a stock security.

There is also a difference between a stock broker and a stock market analyst. What an analyst does is to analyze the situation revolving around the stock market, while making predictions on how the stock market will react according to specific economic factors, as well as how certain stocks will be executed. On the other hand, a stock broker exists to follow whatever instructions you provide in either buying or selling stocks.


The Life of a Broker

A stock broker is a normal person; a person with likes, dislikes and hobbies. They are the type of people you meet on the street. They may also enjoy playing with their pets, or perhaps spend time playing their favorite online gambling games. Click here for more promotions on online casinos such as VegasWinner and see whether it is for you as well. Aside from being a normal person, they think extraordinarily.

They do not just deal with financial investment advice. If you are planning to be one, regardless of the level of investment that you are at, it is very important to obtain the mental capacity, intellect, and tolls needed to obtain success in the field. To prepare yourself for the job, it is quite helpful to join online resources such as forums, threads and blogs, and share valuable information with people who are also well informed in the field. 

Jaws Dropped At The BBC

Zero Hedge continues to find the most provocative information and share it with the rest of us.

What’s Next For Gold & Silver

The individual who thought Gold could slip to $1,600 has a new forecast for Gold and Silver and you might be surprised at his optimism. Chris Vermeulen has just written “Gold & Silver Pullback as Forecasted Now for the Big Opportunity.”

Football Upsets Week 4

#11 Florida State 30, #21 Clemson 35 Final

#23 USC 22, Arizona St. 43

Locally Oregon State, a five point favorite, loses to UCLA 27 to 19!

#10 Oregon 56, Arizona 31 Final

The Prague Cemetery By Umberto Eco

I just ordered:

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