Technology Rules!

First, news from University of California, Davis, scientists have developed a new cotton fabric that is self-cleaning, kills bacteria and breaks down toxic chemicals such as pesticide residues when exposed to light.

This will be great for “…;biological and chemical protective clothing for healthcare, food processing and farm workers, as well as military personnel.” Now we need something for those folks living downwind of Fukushima.

Second, from Spain comes an intelligent T-shirt that monitors both a person’s heart rate and temperature and tracks one’s whereabouts in a hospital.

“The user-friendly unit, called the Lobin healthcare-monitoring system, was created over 18 months by four Spanish companies in partnership with Jose Moreno, Gregorio Lopez, and Victor Custodio at Carlos III University in Madrid.”

Third, from BAE Systems comes a cloaking device. “Once mounted on a vehicles hull or ballistic armour plates, ADAPTIV renders a vehicle invisible to infra-red and other surveillance technology.

Whether it is day or night, whether they are on the move or stationary, ADAPTIV gives your vehicles increased stealth – and greater survivability”.

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