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Is this the zero point energy I’ve been waiting for?

Perry Hits Homer With President Zero

I haven’t decided on whether Perry is my choice, but I sure like his ad.

More Oregon Jiggles

map 1.1  2011/09/19 17:54:55 45.823N 122.925W 24.4
9 km ( 5 mi) NNW of  Scappoose, OR
map 1.7  2011/09/19 16:10:56 44.775N 117.701W 10.4
10 km ( 6 mi) E   of  Baker City, OR
map 1.5  2011/09/19 16:06:54 42.056N 121.686W  4.9
8 km ( 5 mi) WNW of  Merrill, OR

Scotts Mills, OR Jiggles

map 1.9  2011/09/18 02:16:59 45.038N 122.584W 17.2
7 km ( 4 mi) E   of  Scotts Mills, OR
There certainly seem to be more quakes, lately.  So far, nothing big!

Fukushima Nightmare Worsens

Social Security Is A Ripoff!

We always have such interesting dinner conversations with our liberal friends of Obama.  Last night was no exception and of the seven of us, my wife was Switzerland (neutral), I was the lone conservative. 

We got to talking about entitlements and the comment was made that although I was a conservative and against socialism, I had to admit that Social Security was a pretty good deal. The program gives you back, he said, about 150% of what you put in.  I found this graph in an article by Eric Shurenberg and it shows he’s right:

As you can see, if you turned 65 in 2010, you would receive benefits of $417,000 after contributions of $345,000. I don’t know from this graph if the $345,000 is just from the individual or includes employer contributions. The 150% is not accurate according the this graph, it’s closer to 120%, but the concept is valid.

Now my old stockbroker analysis kicks in. The $345,000 that was contributed is about $6,900 per year, if you worked for 50 years as I did. What would the $6,900 be worth today in a conservative mutual fund. Suppose every year the government invested your $6,900 in a conservative mutual fund and averaged 6% a year. Turns out that $6900 invested each year for 50 years at 6% is worth $2,003,317.74! Then, if you took out 1/20th each year after 65, you would receive not $17,500 a year but $100,000 per year. That’s more than enough to have a higher standard of living AND buy health insurance.

Here’s the calculator. Do your own calculations.

The government is selling you a bill of goods Mr. and Mrs. America. It’s time you woke up and took some basic investing classes. Now Obama threatened recently that if the government were shut down by those nasty Tea Party people, he would stop sending out social security checks to the elderly.

Give me a break!

North Bend, OR Shakes

map 2.1  2011/09/16 14:41:52 43.447N 124.102W  0.0
12 km ( 7 mi) ENE of  North Bend, OR

Football Upsets Week 3

#15 Michigan St. 13, Notre Dame 31 Final!

#17 Ohio St. 6, Miami (Fl) 24

#21 2011 National Champion Auburn 24, Clemson 38 Final!

#22 Arizona St. 14 , Illinois 17


#12 Oregon 56, Missouri St 6 – Oregon wins two in a row!

Portland State 31, N. Arizona 29

Government’s problem with the internet


The internet has become a juggernaut that has changed the way most people do just about anything. When you think about it, the things people once sought through any number of platforms and venues, they now find online. That applies to things as simple as weather reports and sports score, to things as complex as buying a home or investing in the stock market. People now have their “favorites” lists to tailor their preferences in this vast internet world. They know they can turn to the Mover Mike site for a tips and information on a wide variety of subjects, from sports to marketing tools.


Harnessing the “I” effect

To the government, specifically the U.S. government, the internet has gotten a bit out of control. The fact that the U.S. legal system literally doesn’t know which way to turn with the online phenomenon is exemplified by the subject of online gambling. Of course gambling, even through the ups and downs of moral characterization, has been around ever since there has been currency or something to barter. People will always be willing to plop down a few bucks on the next card, number, roll of the dice or the best horse or sports team. With internet access, things got out of hand, because Congress and state legislatures couldn’t come to terms with the popularity of gambling. We now have vague and confusing sets of laws that do little to establish a uniform approach. One faction of Congress favors making online poker legal. Another is proposing a ban on online gambling altogether. Go figure.

Offering choice

It seems that much of the rest of the world has a grasp on the situation. In the United Kingdom, for instance, most forms of gambling – online and otherwise – are legal a regulated. For the millions who use online casinos, there are websites designed to help people choose from the multitude of online casinos out there. At these sites, you can get a list of casino reviews that help with the choice. The sites not only have casino reviews, but they can match a player’s software platform with specific sites, and guide them to a site that allows a particular payment/withdrawal system. The casino reviews themselves offer straightforward information on the advantages and disadvantages of suing a site.

But legalities and regulations aside, the internet has forced the hands of governments and their approach to gambling. The sheer popularity is too ominous to overcome and too hard to ignore.

Dollar Corner, WA Shakes

map 2.4  2011/09/16 10:21:17 45.794N 122.625W 14.4
3 km ( 2 mi) WNW of  Dollar Corner, WA

Dollar Corner is 11 miles North of Vancouver, WA!

I missed this one:

map 1.6  2011/09/15 09:06:34 45.129N 120.937W 14.9
12 km ( 8 mi) ESE of  Maupin, OR

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