October Snow Records Smashed

12.3 inches of snow in Hartford, Conn.. The previous record was 1.7 inches set on Oct. 10, 1979.

11.4 inches of snow in Worcester, Mass.. The old record was 7.5 inches set on Oct. 10, 1979.

5.2 inches of snow in Newark, N.J.. “The greatest amount of snow on any given day during the month of October.”

Daily Snowfall Records Set

Concord, N.H., was blanketed by 13.6 inches of snow, breaking the old daily record of 0.2 of an inch set back in 1952.

Albany, N.Y., set a daily snow record with 3.8 inches of snow. The previous record was 0.4 of an inch set back in 2000.

Another daily snow record was set in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Saturday when 1.6 inches fell. The previous record was 0.6 of an inch from 2008.

Philadelphia got 0.3 of an inch of snow, breaking the old record of a trace for the date set way back in 1902. Likewise, Wilmington, Del., had 0.3 of an inch, surpassing the trace the city got in 2002.

The nation’s capital got a dusting of snow that set a new record. The 0.6 of an inch that fell on Saturday was unprecedented. Previously, Washington, D.C., had never received snow on Oct. 29.

At this rate some areas of the country may still be covered in snow when the 2012 winter begins!

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