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I Am The Tea Party!

Tea Party’s New Ad!

The old Tea Party ad.

Earliest One-inch Snowfall Since The Civil War

UPDATE: Saturday 29, 2011:
According to Weather Underground, Saturday was the first time in recorded history that New York received more than an inch of snow in October.

New York has received measurable snow before Halloween only three times since 1869 – and never more than one inch, which is what some experts are predicting.

It would be the earliest one-inch snowfall in the city since the Civil War.

Oh, I’m a denier! You can be a denier, too.

Gold Beach, OR Quake

map 2.4  2011/10/25 02:31:04 42.218N 124.443W 19.5
21 km (13 mi) S   of  Gold Beach, OR

“Catching Fire” (The Second Book of the Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins

I liked Hunger Games (Book 1) so much that I just ordered “Catching Fire” (The Second Book of the Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins. My students say book 2 is better than book 1.

“Already Gone” by John Rector

I bought for my Kindle .Already Gone by John Rector, “…A raw, gripping thriller about the price paid for past sins…”

T-Bonds Break Down

That’s a serious break down and looks like 125 as a target, especially worrisome with Gold, Silver and Oil flying!

Denver Gets Snow

Snow began falling and covering elevated and grassy surfaces near Denver Tech Center late Tuesday evening. Early Wednesday morning, about 3 inches had accumulated. As of 8:00 a.m. MDT Wednesday, 10 inches had fallen on Gothic and Longmont with 12 inches near Greeley.
Photo by AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Heather Buchman.

Gold Up $43

Like OIl yesterday, Gold appears to be breaking out by moving through the highs of 1696.

Silver is also close to breaking out.  It probably needs $33.50 plus.

Crude Breaks Out

Crude oil on the NY Merc has broken out above the most recent highs:

In addition, U.S. crude Dec. 2011 contract trades above Jan. 2012. Crude oil is in backwardation.

For some time there has been a price difference between domestic crude and Brent Oil, with Brent selling much higher.

Rival global benchmark London-based Brent LCOc1 has traded at a steep premium to U.S. crude CLc1 over the past year as North Sea supply problems and the loss of Libyan crude inflated the prices of seaborne crude, while the land-locked U.S. benchmark has been depressed by rising Canadian oil sand and U.S. shale oil production.

We know that price discrepancies can’t last forever. Midwest refiners have been buying oil domestically as much as $25 cheaper than Brent and making big profits by selling byproducts near Brent. Now oil producers are selling crude on the coasts where price is closer to Brent.

A Legendary Winter

I posted  recently  Cold And Snow On Tap For Northwest?

Now we have some more evidence for a colder winter. The National Weather Service’s Winter Outlook for Wisconsin calls for colder and snowier.  What does that have to do with Oregon?  Just this: “…the Arctic Oscillation, also could cause drastic swings this winter, according to the NWS.

“The Arctic Oscillation brings cold air from Canada into the U.S., and can cause short-term cold and snowy conditions.”The evolving La Nina will shape this winter,” said Mike Halpert, deputy director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, in a new release. “There is a wild card, though. The erratic Arctic Oscillation can generate strong shifts in the climate patterns that could overwhelm or amplify La Nina’s typical impacts.”

Brace yourself.  Cliff High of Half Past Human says it will be a “Legendary” winter.  “Fifty years from now we’ll be talking about the winter of 2011-2012.”

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