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Government Gone Wild!

We Can Watch The Blazers Again!

The NYT is reporting: N.B.A. and Players Reach Tentative Deal to End Lockout

It includes a significant pay cut for players, along with shorter contracts, smaller raises and a more punitive tax system to rein in the top-spending teams.

Generally, the agreement will curtail sign-and-trade deals, eliminate extend-and-trade deals and place several new limits on teams that pay the luxury tax.

Football Upsets Week 13

#10 Oregon 49, Oregon State 21 FINAL
Locally #10 Oregon 42, Oregon St 7
Connecticut (4-6) 40 to 22 over Rutgers (8-3) FINAL
Maryland (2-9) is up loses 41 to 56 to N. Carolina St. (6-5) NO UPSET

UPDATE: Other than the upset of Utah by Colorado on Friday, there are few upsets so far this Saturday.
Connecticut (4-6) is up 40 to 10 over Rutgers (8-3) in the beginning of the 4th Quarter. Maryland (2-9) is up 41 to 14 over N. Carolina St. (6-5) in the third quarter. Coming up is the Civil War game and Oregon State is a 27 1/2 point underdog.

Colorado upsets Utah 17 to 14 ending the Utes’ hopes for a Pac-12 South title!

Black Friday Special From Amazon

We appreciate any orders you place through Mover Mike for Amazon purchases. They help defray our expenses. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and pause a moment to reflect on the blessings you’ve received.  I hope you ask each around your table, “What are you thankful for?”

I am thankful for my health and my wife’s and our family’s health; for the love of my wife, Beverly, and Ralph the dog. I am thankful for my yellow bus job and the checks each month from social security. I am thankful for two great daughters and two great grandkids; that we all have a home that is warm and there is food enough for us all. I am thankful for over 23 years of sobriety.  I am thankful for friends who put up with all my s–t and seem happy to have me around.

Manchurian Turkeys?

Why does this give me the creeps? The turkeys named and to be pardoned by our current president have been groomed for this occasion from birth.

(Sherrie) Rosenblatt, (spokewoman for the National Turkey Federation), says the birds are specially selected at birth to be part of the pardoning ceremony. They are exposed to music, hand feeding, cameras, and loud noises to prepare them for the event, covered by the White House press corps. [Bachmann’s Thanksgiving: Cheap Bird and ‘Turkey Bingo’.]

“It is kind of like a beauty pageant,” Rosenblatt says. “The turkeys have to look good on camera, but also have a nice demeanor. They have to have pride in the honor that is bestowed upon them.”

And We Are Back!

Thanks for bearing with me.  I procrastinated about paying my web hosting bill to

and got cut off.  Won’t happen again.  Glad to be back up.

New Oregon Quakes

map 1.0  2011/11/20 12:14:36 44.001N 122.493W  3.5
25 km (15 mi) ENE of  Lowell, OR

map 1.6  2011/11/20 09:41:47 44.580N 123.403W 19.6
5 km ( 3 mi) NW  of  Philomath, OR

Katla Erupts? No!

The National, the Abu Dhabi Media company’s first English-language publication, has set a new standard of quality English-language journalism in the Middle East claims this as new, but it’s not current and not Katla! It’s probably an eruption at Grímsvötn volcano at approximately 17:30 UTC, May 21st 2011.

Football Upsets Week 12

Oh, man!
First, on Thursday
#20 Southern Miss 31, UAB 34

Then, Friday night
#2 Oklahoma St 31, Iowa St 37 in double OT. Last week I said “Oklahoma St faces Iowa St and #6 Oklahoma and could be upset in one or both>”

UPDATE: Possible upsets:
#16 Nebraska 17, #18 Michigan 45 8:02 left in Q3 FINAL

#7 Clemson 13, N. Carolina St 37 FINAL

#4 Oregon 35, USC 38 FINAL!!!
Oregon State 38, Washington 21
Portland State 33, Weber State 48

#5 Oklahoma 38, #22 Baylor 45
#25 Florida St. 13, Virginia 14

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