The Oregon Sustainability Center

Brad Schmidt has an update on Mayor Sam Adams’ wish list that will cost us “$1.3 million on lobbying efforts this fiscal year, about 10 percent more than in 2010-11.”

4 Responses to “The Oregon Sustainability Center”

  1. If you build it, they will come.

    And we will pay….

    And pay more….

    And more.

  2. g, you are so right. How do we keep him from building it?

  3. Since my bread and butter, meat and potatoes come from building things (I’m a project manager for a pdx metro area commercial contractor), the building is somewhat bittersweet. That being said, if pdx truly needs this expensive of a building, they need to justify the need and costs.

    I’m also LEED accredited and understand the nuances of what the sustainability center is trying to achieve. Most of it borders on the “neat-o” factor…”hey look what we have”. Neat-o costs money and PDX seems to have an endless supply when it comes to satisfying the greenies.

    The bitter part is two pronged for me.
    1. Taxpayers foot the bill (and it will be a doosy).
    2. Although the firm I work for could unquestionably build the building (both from a financial and management standpoint), we won’t get a chance because the qualification process sets it up so only the largest contractors will get a spot at the table.

    The sweet part is it would provide much needed construction, design, and engineering jobs for the very short term.

    To keep him from building it? Vote the bastards out!

  4. g.., that’s what I object to, “Taxpayers foot the bill (and it will be a doosy).”

    Thanks for your informative input.

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