More 2012 Predictions

Here’s a follow up to my earlier 2012 predictions

  • Katla To Erupt 2012
  • Looking back at my 2011 predictions, I thought the USD was ready to roll over from the 81 area.  It did going down to just under 73.  Now it’s back to the 80-81 area again.  It probably will stay strong until the Euro breaks up and Japan goes under, then it’s down with the USD, Will the USD crash in 2012? It will probably wait until 2013. (See chart)
  • Why? Because as I predicted for 2011, our debt will topped 100% of GDP and now debt will continue to rise with no politician with the balls to stop it.
  • I predicted the Dow Jones average would hit 9600 to 9800! It did NOT.  It ended 2010 about 11,500 and hit 12, 876 then 10,405 and finished at 12,217.  I still expect a crash because of derivatives, Europe’s problems and more repercussions from MF Global. (see chart)
  • I predicted Gold would go up for the 11th straight year to $1,704!.  It overshot my target by reaching $1,920. While it finished soft at $1,564.80, I predict we will trade at least as high as $2,000 in 2012. (See chart)
  • I wrote last year at this time:

    If the Republicans play the same old game of spending more than is taken in; if the Republicans spit on the values of the Tea Party, then it may be too late and we will go over the edge to Tyranny and Capital Controls and Restricted exits and failed currency. It will be a long and violent struggle to get our Liberty back.

    Republicans with the help of the Tea Party, tried to act tough on spending, but all they got was bad press. I believe it is too late. We are heading for economic Tyranny and Capital Controls and Restricted exits and failed currency.

  • I predict more John Galts like Ann Barnhardt
  • I predict that Christmas 2012 will be spent sitting in the sun in Mexico.

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