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Gold & Silver Vs The DJIA

Isn’t it wonderful? The financial news today is gasping about the gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the month of January: Three Percent! And you know the month usually sets the tone for the year.  “As January goes, so goes the year!”

Well how did Gold do in the same period?  Gold closed today at $1737.8 up 10.9% (see chart). Silver closed at $33.262 up 19.3% (see chart).

You can have your market, I’ll take the precious metals.

Quake Near Mt Hood Again

map 1.2  2012/01/30 05:26:34 45.343N 121.593W  6.3
19 km (12 mi) S   of  Parkdale, OR

I Have to Visit the Dentist

Jaimee Kuperman is a poet living and working in the Washington, D.C., area and captures the thoughts we all have when visiting the dentist after an absence.

The New Dentist

Driving to the new dentist’s office
the slow drive of a new place
with the McDonalds that I don’t go to
on the left, the mall two miles away.
The Courthouse and the Old Courthouse
road signs that break apart, the fork in the road
that looks nothing like a fork or a spoon, in fact
at best, maybe a knife bent in a dishwasher
that leans to one side. And I know the dentist
will ask about my last visit and want to know
in months that I can’t say some time ago
and I know he will ask me about flossing
and saying when I’m in the mood won’t be
the appropriate answer.
He will call out my cavities
as if they were names in a class.
I brush my teeth before going in.
It’s like cleaning before the cleaning person
but I don’t want him to know I keep an untidy
mouth. That I am the type of person who shoves
things in the closet before guests arrive.

Gold Imports To China!

Eric Sprott: Chairman, CEO & Portfolio Manager of Sprott Asset Management speaking with Eric King says China imports about 20 tonnes of Gold a month through Hong Kong until four months ago.  Then beginning in August, 2011, they imported 30 tonnes, then 40 tonnes in September, 80 tonnes in October and 102 tonnes in November.  He tells us that 102 tonnes is massive, considering the world mines, ex-China, produce about 200 tonnes of Gold a month!

Valentine For My Love!

Yes I know Valentines Day is still over two weeks away, but this poem strikes me as a great poem for a friend or lover.

by William Wordsworth

This is the spot:—how mildly does the sun
Shine in between the fading leaves! the air
In the habitual silence of this wood
Is more than silent: and this bed of heath,
Where shall we find so sweet a resting-place?
Come!—let me see thee sink into a dream
Of quiet thoughts,—protracted till thine eye
Be calm as water when the winds are gone
And no one can tell whither.—my sweet friend!
We two have had such happy hours together
That my heart melts in me to think of it.

Happy Valentines Day, Beverly!

Lara Logan On “60 Minutes” Again

Correspondent Lara Logan goes big game hunting for exotic African animals right here in the U.S. Many exotics, some endangered or even extinct in the wild, are being raised in large numbers on American ranches to be hunted for sport. The ranchers claim the billion-dollar business is a form of animal conservation that preserves the species. Animal rights groups call it something else. Watch a preview

Obama: The Food Stamp President!

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Damn Good Answer Mitt!

Now Roseburg, OR

map 0.9  2012/01/25 16:38:19 43.316N 123.339W  0.0
6 km ( 4 mi) N   of  Roseburg North, OR

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