Gold & Silver Vs The DJIA

Isn’t it wonderful? The financial news today is gasping about the gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the month of January: Three Percent! And you know the month usually sets the tone for the year.  “As January goes, so goes the year!”

Well how did Gold do in the same period?  Gold closed today at $1737.8 up 10.9% (see chart). Silver closed at $33.262 up 19.3% (see chart).

You can have your market, I’ll take the precious metals.

2 Responses to “Gold & Silver Vs The DJIA”

  1. Isn’t it reassuring to note, when President Obama was elected to office, gas was at two bucks a gallon, and gold at seven hundred?

    Ah, good times.

  2. TMI, indeed good times. If he’s reelected, where will we all be then? Up a creek…In the shitter?

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