“It’s An Honor To Be The Food Stamp President”

Food Stamps put gas in our cars.
Food stamps send our kids through college.
Food stamps heat our homes and factories.
Food stamps keep our pets alive and healthy.
Food stamps mow our lawns and keep our roofs free of moss.
Food stamps wash our buses and semis.
Food stamps keep the stars in the sky.
Food stamps keep the rockets firing that take us to Mars.
Food stamps are the secret fuel powering alien UFOs.

More people use Food Stamps under Obama than under any other president since Food Stamps were begun.

2 Responses to ““It’s An Honor To Be The Food Stamp President””

  1. Please tell me this is a joke!!

  2. The Reverand Jackson said it was an honor to be the Food Stamp President. Some 46 million people now receive food stamps, at least double any other president since the food stamp program began. I just took the value of Food Stamps a little bit farther.

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