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Left-wing Radio Host John “Sly” Sylvester on WTDY

How much longer are we going to let the left-wing wingnuts savage our conservative women with sexual attacks with intent to destroy?

John “Sly” Sylvester, a left-wing radio host who operates out of Madison, WI, accused Wisconsin Lt. Governor Kleefisch of performing sexual acts on numerous men, mocks her cancer, and attacks her children.

Here are the lowlights:

“I’m Rebecca Kleefisch. I perform fellatio on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee. … I got colon cancer and I ran around the state [garbled] people.”

“I had heard at one point that Rebecca Kleefisch pulled a train (having sex with several men one after another) but that must’ve been a different story I was reading about.”

“Let me tell you something about these Barbies the Republicans trot out the Rebecca Kleefisch’s…”

“I hope your husband is sleeping with your best friend.”

I want this to stop! This is the same thing that was done to Sarah Palin. These lowlifes attack conservative women, their kids and attempt to destroy them and then laugh all the way to their paychecks provided by their sponsors.

Gov. Scott Walker and Kleefisch were targeted for recall following passage last year of a law they backed that effectively ended collective bargaining powers for public workers.

Four Republican state senators are also being targeted.


Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse?

Seven black boys beat up one hispanic boy in California. KATU says the seven boys, ages 13 to 16, attacked a 15-year-old Hispanic boy while he was walking home from school.

After the victim fell to the ground, the assailants kicked him multiple times in the head, knocked out several teeth and left shoe impressions on his skin…

Where’s the president? Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? You know where they are! Hiding like scaredy girls, hoping you won’t notice this story.

Quake Outlook in British Columbia

UBC Journalism News Service has an eye-opening article showing earthquake activity is “…a constant feature of British Columbia.” There is one interactive map that shows all since 1700 and this map that shows the eologic forces at work in the area.

There does seem to be quite an increase in quake activity since 1985!

BTW, one thought, Oregon hasn’t experienced many quakes and leads me to believe that the subduction zone is locked and could unleash a big quake.

Hoeing By John Updike

Time to work in the garden. I saw this poem posted on a poetry post at Margie’s home and wanted to share it.


I sometimes fear the younger generation
will be deprived
of the pleasures of hoeing;
there is no knowing
how many souls have been formed by this
simple exercise.

The dry earth like a great scab breaks,
moist-dark loam —
the pea-root’s home,
a fertile wound perpetually healing.

How neatly the great weeds go under!
The blade chops the earth new.
Ignorant the wise boy who
has never rendered thus the world

John Updike

Inciting Murder!

I think Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr should be prosecuted for trying to incite a riot or murder by Tweeting the home address of George Zimmerman’s parents. In the case of Spike Lee he Tweeted a wrong address and put an elderly couple’s life in jeopardy. Barr Tweeted to 110,000 followers the real address of Zimmerman’s parents and then took it down when she found out this was not public information.

These people have leaped to a conclusion and could get someone killed. What is wrong with the world?

John Laurie Competes

One of the kids in da’ hood is featured in today’s Oregonian.  John Laurie, northeast resident, “…is one of nine regional champions to compete in the Oregon Poetry Out Loud competition Saturday, March 31 at Willamette University in Salem. All nine students have won school and regional contests earlier this year.”

John is 17 and is as good looking as his father, Craig, who I’ve known for years walking our dogs at Grant High Park.  His dog Suzie, loves to chase a tennis ball in all kinds of weather and never tires.

Everything, I’ve seen and heard about John Laurie since he was ten or younger, is that he’s a great young man and really, anyone who writes poetry can’t be bad. Congratulations, I wish you well in the competition and in all the years ahead.

4.4 Off Oregon Coast

MAP 4.4 2012/03/28 05:42:26 43.636 -127.364 10.1


State of the “Unions”

Talent Temblor

map 1.0  2012/03/27 08:44:20 42.167N 122.815W 10.9
9 km ( 5 mi) SSW of  Talent, OR

Poem for Japan by Matthew Zapruder

An article at Zero Hedge says “…some parts of Tokyo have more radiation than existed in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zones.”

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen took 5 random soil samples in Tokyo recently, and found that all 5 were so radioactive that they would be considered radioactive waste in the United States, which would have to be specially disposed of at a facility in Texas.

Poem-A-Day delivers this poem today:

Poem for Japan
by Matthew Zapruder

all day staying inside

listening to a podcast

discuss how particles

over the Pacific

might drift

I knew thinking

whenever cloud

scares me

I am not alone

my umbrella slept

in the closet

I placed a few nouns

in beautiful cages

then let them out

touched with my mind

the lucky cat

asleep in the deli

I always scratch

his head he slightly

raises to meet my hand

all over the remains

contaminated shadowmen

in blue suits that seem

ecclesiastical now

that science is

a religion crawl

the emperor

everyone has forgotten

is speaking

no one knows

how to be

loving and also

hope the wind

in a certain

and not another

direction will blow

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