8 Shocking New Forecasts for 2012 and Beyond

8 Shocking New Forecasts for 2012 and Beyond
With Martin D. Weiss, Larry Edelson and Mike Larson

I’ve been saving the contents of this email. I thought with my posts about austerity, I would share these gentlemen’s forecasts:

  • Forecast #1 – Country after country will abandon their so-called “austerity” programs.
  • Forecast #2 – If governments cut spending, the debts will pile up even faster!
  • Forecast #3 – Some of the world’s largest banks will suffer massive losses and huge new bailouts will be needed.
  • Forecast #4 – The European Central Bank (ECB) will kick its money printing presses into overdrive and very, very soon.
  • Forecast #5 – The U.K. and the U.S. will also join the money printing rampage.
  • Forecast #6 – Before this great financial crisis comes to its final tipping point a few years from now, you’ll probably see up to $20 TRILLION in global money printing.
  • Forecast #7 – This unprecedented global orgy of money printing is about to light the fuse on an unprecedented period of global hyperinflation.
  • Forecast #8 – The gold correction I’ve been forecasting will soon end, and gold will ultimately soar to at least $5,000 per ounce!


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