BIG Thursday!

Today is the day. SCOTUS tells us the the fate of Obamacare and Obama is said to have prepared three speeches in anticipation. Then today the House is expected to vote for contempt against Atty Gen Holder for withholding evidence of Fast & Furious. If they do, it will be the first time in the history of the Republic that this has happened.

My gosh, how could I forget! It’s the NBA draft today at 4:30pdt!!!

UPDATE: Well this sucks. Obamacare ok’d, based that the law is a tax. Obama sold this as not a tax, yet the mandate is thrown out, but ok’d as a tax.
UPDATE: So it’s a tax! How much is the tax. According to a Balfegor comment on Althouse

Would there be an individual mandate?
Yes. Beginning in 2013, individuals would be required to have health insurance. Individuals and families who do not have insurance for more than three months in a given year would be subject to an annual excise tax of $750 and $1,500, respectively, if their income is below 300% of the federal poverty line (or $66,150 for a family of four). Tax penalties for individuals and families with incomes above that would be $950 and $3,800. The excise tax would be waived for Native Americans and individuals and families whose health-insurance costs would be more than 10% of their annual income.

Does that mean we can have medical insurance for a max of $1500 a year? My wife is paying $350 per month now.

UPDATE: here’s what it will cost.

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  1. This cl*ster will be extremely popular, once the tax (penalty) phase begins.

    Most people don’t spend as much in health care as they spend for insurance. Is that surprising in some way?

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