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The Tea Party Is Alive!

Tea Party Candidate Wins Republican Senate Nomination in Texas Runoff

Ted Cruz, an insurgent backed by the Tea Party, defeated the candidate favored by Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday in a runoff election for the Republican Senate nomination that revealed a wide rift in Texas between the party establishment and restless, anti-incumbent activists on the right.

With the come-from-behind victory, Mr. Cruz is heavily favored to win the Senate seat being vacated in November by Kay Bailey Hutchison and appears likely to become a star of the national conservative movement.

Mr. Cruz, 41, is the latest conservative rebel to bring down an established party leader, tapping into simmering anger and anti-incumbent frustration within the Republican ranks nationwide.

At one point early on, Ted Cruz was behind to the Republican establishment choice by 50 points!

Mitt Romney’s Israel Speech 7/29/12

There are some in the MSM and countries surounding Israel who have criticized the speech Romney gave just the other day. Here’s the speech. Why don’t you decide for yourself?

Molalla & Gold Beach Quiver

MAP 1.5 2012/07/31 16:27:51 45.120 -122.644 29.9

6 km ( 4 mi) WSW of Molalla, OR

MAP 2.1 2012/07/31 09:13:10 42.234 -124.653 0.0
27 km ( 17 mi) SW of Gold Beach, OR

Another Near Gold Beach

MAP 1.6 2012/07/30 11:47:42 42.236 -124.629 0.0
25 km ( 16 mi) SW of Gold Beach, OR

Four Oregon Coast quakes

MAP 4.0 2012/07/29 15:07:31 44.098 -128.927 10.0

379 km (236 mi) WNW of Bandon, OR

MAP 1.5 2012/07/29 14:35:59 42.237 -124.628 0.4

25 km ( 16 mi) SW of Gold Beach, OR

MAP 1.6 2012/07/29 11:34:08 42.257 -124.618 0.0

23 km ( 14 mi) SW of Gold Beach, OR

MAP 2.1 2012/07/29 09:30:48 42.239 -124.653 0.0

27 km ( 17 mi) SW of Gold Beach, OR

Who’s Working For America?

China makes deal for Canada’s oil that should be flowing down the Keystone Pipeline to the Gulf.

Nobama’s Spending

Then there are people who counter the observation about Nobama’s spending habits with, “He’s no worse than Bush!” Take a look:

The US Garbage Indicator Is Sending An Ominous Sign For The Economy

Has It Worked For You?

Words To Ponder

Whatever results you’re getting,
be they rich or poor, good or bad, positive or negative,
always remember that your outer world is simply a reflection
of your inner world.
If things aren’t going well in your outer life,
it’s because things aren’t going well in your inner life.
It’s that simple.
T. Harv Eker

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