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I am knocked-out by the changing technology I see on the Batteryheads.com blog. First there is an article that showed how paper and newspaper can be recycled, modeled after termites, to produce hydrogen ions to charge batteries.

Next, I read about a problem that has plagued electrical engineers for years; those tin whiskers that grow on tin-plated devices that can cause shorts. Scientists at Washington State University are attempting to grow tin whiskers on copper foil, hoping to increase the surface area allowing more lithium-ions to be stored. It may turn out to be cheaper than graphite, which is being used now. If this works the power of lithium batteries could be tripled.

So many great articles! This one caught my eye: The Best 10 Laptops On The Market Today, compiled by DigitalTrends. The HP Pavilion dm1z was number one. I looked at my HP laptop and realized that’s what I use when on the road. Using the easy search tab, I found that I could buy a HP Laptop Battery when my battery gives out. I also noticed that Batteryheads.com has something called a “portable backup USB battery charger.” It delivers mobile battery power for iPhone or Android phones requiring 5v of power or less.

That portable backup is just the thing for times when you need a phone and you have no bars left. Now keep your eyes peeled for portable backup power for laptops.

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