Bulgaria Suicide Bomber Released From Gitmo

“Citing unnamed police sources, Bulgarian news reports said Thursday evening that authorities suspect that the bomber was a Swedish citizen of Algerian and Finnish descent who they said was imprisoned by the U.S. in 2002 in Guantanamo Bay after being associated with Islamic terrorist groups. Bulgarian officials did not confirm the report.”

Swedish leftist rejoiced when Mehdi Ghezali was released from Gitmo in 2004.

He was arrested in September of 2009 in Punjab, Pakistan, on suspicions of having ties to al-Qaeda; Pakistani police chief Mohammad Rizwan described Ghezali as “a very dangerous man”.

Swedish authorities once again brought him home. Now he’s alleged to have been the suicide bomber in Bulgaria who blew up a bus filled with 40 Israeli tourists killing five plus the bus driver and himself. At least he accomplished one good thing and has joined the Vestal virgins.

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