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Relax, No Worries!

Here’s a demonstration of the high priority of jobs to NObama. His jobs panel hasn’t met for six months and in case the MSM forgets to tell you, “… several of the companies whose CEOs serve on the panel are involved to some extent in outsourcing — a fact that could undercut the ferocious attack Obama and his campaign are mounting on Romney over his alleged ties to the practice.”

Can’t Wait!

Radiation Coming To West Coast

Scientists now fear though that (Fukushima) contaminated water is on course to America, and it could be more toxic than thought.

President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is definitely fraudulent

That is the bottom line of today’s presentation of additional evidence in the probe of President Obama’s birth and selective service documents by Mark Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio

Is Katla Ready To Blow?

Haraldur Sigurdsson charts the skyrocketing number of quakes (at Katla in Iceland) since 1990 and thinks “…it is unlikely that the quakes are related to melting of ice due to the glacier. Hence, he says that possibly the quakes are related to geothermal heat under the ice. Haraldur Sigurdsson concludes by saying that Katla continues to cause nervousness among all.”

In 2010 the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland closed the airspace of Europe. Katla is immensely bigger. It could be devastating!

Intel Warns

Mike Rogoway, writing for The Oregonian tells us that the news from Intel is not cheery.

“Consumer market growth in Europe and North America is not forecasted to recover as quickly as we had anticipated,” Intel chief executive Paul Otellini warned on an analyst conference call.


The cool forecast bears on the entire global economy. Intel makes the chips that power more than 80 percent of the world’s PCs, so its slowdown could signal troubles ahead across a broad spectrum of industries.

1.6 Near Mollala, OR

MAP 1.6 2012/07/17 21:59:08 45.133 -122.507 0.0
6 km ( 4 mi) ESE of Molalla, OR

It’s So Catchy I Can’t Stop Singing It!

What’s New?

I am knocked-out by the changing technology I see on the Batteryheads.com blog. First there is an article that showed how paper and newspaper can be recycled, modeled after termites, to produce hydrogen ions to charge batteries.

Next, I read about a problem that has plagued electrical engineers for years; those tin whiskers that grow on tin-plated devices that can cause shorts. Scientists at Washington State University are attempting to grow tin whiskers on copper foil, hoping to increase the surface area allowing more lithium-ions to be stored. It may turn out to be cheaper than graphite, which is being used now. If this works the power of lithium batteries could be tripled.

So many great articles! This one caught my eye: The Best 10 Laptops On The Market Today, compiled by DigitalTrends. The HP Pavilion dm1z was number one. I looked at my HP laptop and realized that’s what I use when on the road. Using the easy search tab, I found that I could buy a HP Laptop Battery when my battery gives out. I also noticed that Batteryheads.com has something called a “portable backup USB battery charger.” It delivers mobile battery power for iPhone or Android phones requiring 5v of power or less.

That portable backup is just the thing for times when you need a phone and you have no bars left. Now keep your eyes peeled for portable backup power for laptops.

LOST Defeated Again!

Back in January, 2005 I wrote about how George Bush supported the Law Of The Sea Treaty (LOST).
LOST is “a treaty that gives power to the UN over the seafloor to the detriment of our interests. Back then Sen. Lugar questioned Condoleeza Rice about LOST. Rice responded that the president “certainly would like to see it pass as soon as possible,” saying LOST “serves our national security interests, serves our economic interests. We very much want to see it go into force.”

I quoted “Insight On The News”back then:

As worded, LOST would deny the United States the right to intercept terrorist vessels or proliferators, according to Dr. Peter Leitner. The President’s Proliferation Security Initiative, designed to battle proliferation of weapons of mass destruction with as little effect on commerce as possible, would be illegal under the treaty. “This U.S.-led, multinational program of high-seas interdiction and vessel boarding is barred by the Law of the Sea Treaty yet it is our overriding national-security interest to execute,” Leitner said. “Ratification of the treaty would effectively gut our ability to intercept the vessels of terrorists or hostile foreign governments even if they were transporting nuclear weapons. We must ensure that we are not binding the government of the United States to a legal regime that makes us more vulnerable and trades the lives of our innocent civilians for the sake of participating in yet another unnecessary treaty.”

Even worse, according to Leitner, is what he calls “the creation of yet another international court where the United States or our citizens can be dragged before politically motivated jurists to adjudicate and set penalties.”

The treaty imposes limitations “on measures we might take to ensure our national security and homeland defense. If, for instance, foreign vessels operating on the high seas do not fit into one of three categories (i.e., they are engaged in piracy, flying no flag or transmitting radio broadcasts), LOST would prohibit U.S. Navy or Coast Guard vessels from intercepting, searching or seizing them,” Gaffney testified.

In February, 2005 I quoted Phyllis Schlafly about the dangers LOST poses.

In September, 2008, I wondered how Sarah Palin would react when John McCain announces his support of LOST.

The treaty keeps being brought up and today we learned that once again it’s passage was defeated. “A treaty governing the high seas is all but dead in the Senate as Sens. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) announced their opposition giving conservative foes the necessary votes to scuttle the pact.” The treaty needs a two-thirds approval to pass.

The best chance for passage is gone with the House and Senate expected to be in Republican hands come November, but looking back, even Republicans in charge have wanted to restrict our freedom. Keep fighting to prevent passage of LOST.