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I Liked This Line

I wasn’t worried about the Romney speech. You see a leader surrounds himself with leaders and isn’t threatened by their success. He’s a leader! Can you imagine a quarterback who wants to be surrounded by people who are less capable than him? Another thing. Leaders make others better!

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My Kindle Book

I’m outlining and writing my book this weekend for Kindle!

Bernanke Makes Forceful Case for More Fed Action to Spur Growth

The NY Times News Flash:

The Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, delivered on Friday a detailed and forceful argument for the benefits of new steps to stimulate the economy, reinforcing earlier indications that the Fed is on the verge of action.

Mr. Bernanke said that the Fed’s policies over the last several years have provided significant benefits, that a clear need remained for the Fed to do more and that, in his judgment, the likely benefits of such actions outweighed the potential costs.


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MAP 7.6 2012/08/31 12:47:35 10.838 126.704 34.9


A 7.6-magnitude quake struck off the eastern coast of the Philippines late Friday, killing at least one person in a house collapse and triggering tsunami warnings in the region that sent coastal residents fleeing to high ground.

1.4 Near Bonanza, OR

MAP 1.4 2012/08/31 01:03:58 42.211 -121.368 0.0
3 km ( 2 mi) ENE of Bonanza, OR

In Case You Missed Mayor Mia Love

“Lesson Learned! Course Corrected”

From Amazon

Camino de Santiago Books

Some Prices Have Reached The Parabolic!

Many of us have been writing about the skyrocketing cost of a college education. Some have even said you’d be further ahead to go to work instead of college. The following chart is stunning! And look at Medicaid. That trend just can’t keep up this way or it will be bankrupt.

Hurricane Isaac

The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said Isaac became a Category 1 hurricane Tuesday with winds of 75 mph. It could get stronger by the time it’s expected to reach the swampy coast of southeast Louisiana.

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