“Lesson Learned! Course Corrected”

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  1. I was watching this speech, and wondered how the folks at MSNBC we’re going to assess the words of this speaker. So, I flipped to MSNBC.

    You would have never known that this speech had taken place.

    It disturbed me greatly. Left or right, we are all Americans, aren’t we?

  2. He gave a very good speech. I think the Dems are turning against their man, Nobama.

  3. TMI, from Ted Cruz to the Governor of Wisconsin to Mia Love, I see the Tea Party stamp all over this convention. I’m becoming optimistic.

  4. Will Sarah show up tonight?

  5. I don’t know if she was invited.

  6. It was most interesting, the way they cut out of coverage whenever a “minority” speaker was on. Lefties also invaded Love’s Wkipedia entry, editing it to refer to her as a “House Nigger” and other fun stuff.

    Love’s victory has an Oregon connection, by the way – John Kuzmanich and Jeff Reynolds, who partnered in a consulting business and gave her a boost in her campaign. John is head of Oregon Tea Party, Jeff is Multnomah County Republican chairman.

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