Now Getting Scary!

Once daily I get Eric DeGroot’s email message.  Who’s Eric DeGroot?

Eric is a trader/investor, founder, designer, and editor of Insights, market & economic researcher and historian, periodic contributor to, and BS & MBA.

The quality of Eric’s exhausting work plus his sharp intellect IMO guarantees that he will be a legend in trading. Jim Sinclair,

Today’s message hit me hard. It says, “Once ‘Still Ok’, Now ‘Getting Scary’, Next ‘Save Me’ ” DeGroot writes that “…the intermarket message, money flow analysis, and most important of all cycles suggest a setup into 2013-2015 that will make 2007-2009 look like child’s play in comparison.”

Some things may be baked into the cake no matter who is president, if DeGroot is right.

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