Nanosilver In Fabrics

A fabric that can be washed by the sun? That’s soon to be possible and will work especially well in places where water is scarce.

Scientists from IIT Delhi and other institutes are working on textiles that wouldn’t pick up dirt, and even if they do after prolonged use, the clothes could be “washed” in sunlight . In short, detergents are out!

At the heart of the revolutionary changes is nanotechnology.

Nano technology deals with materials at nano size (1-100 nm) level where the properties of material alter dramatically as their size and shape is changed in the nanometer range.

The coating of nano titanium dioxide particles in clothes has ‘photocatalytic properties’ which can break dirt particles in the presence of sun light.

Other possible uses for nano technology are textiles that are antibacterial, UV (Ultraviolet light) protective and water repellent breathable fabrics. A range of anti-microbial textile finishes and products based on nanosilver have already been commercialized and are finding use in the medical sector such as sutures and wound dressings and other health and hygiene textiles.

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