Why Governments Are Corrupt

By Richard J. Maybury

To me, this is the problem: The essence of government – the characteristic that sets it apart from all other institutions – is that it has the legalized privilege of using brute force on persons who have not harmed anyone. Overtly or covertly, this privilege backs almost everything government does.

Who would not be corrupted by the use of this power? Please, give me the person’s name.

Here is another way to look at political power. There are two laws taught by all religions: Do all you have agreed to do, which is the basis of contract law… And do not encroach on other persons or their property, which is the basis of tort law and some criminal law.

Political power is the privilege of violating these laws.

Who would not be corrupted by this?

Today’s federal government is so powerful that if we filled the House, Senate, and White House with saints and angels, in six months they’d all be wackos.

To expect government to produce something that has benefits greater than costs is to expect the nearly impossible. In most cases, government isn’t the solution to mankind’s problems… it’s the cause.

The only lasting remedy is one any of the American founders would have recommended: Less government today, even less tomorrow, and so on, until we need a microscope to find it.

We have the opposite. The Keynesian polices of tax, spend, borrow, print, subsidize, and regulate are what got us into this mess, and the blockheads in Washington think more of the same will get us out.

Their new medical system and its taxes are icons of their attitude, which can be summarized as, “The torture will continue until morale improves.”

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