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Week 13 Football Upsets


#11Clemson 17, #12 S. Carolina 27

#13 Oklahoma 51, #21 Oklahoma St 48 OT Sorry No Upset!

#18 Rutgers 6, Pittsburgh 27

#19 Michigan 21, Ohio St 26

#20 Louisville 20, Connecticut 23


My oh my –

#24 Arizona St 34, Arizona 34

#25 Washington 28, Washington St 31 OT


#16 Texas 13, TCU 20

Alabama St 25, Tuskegee 27

Gold And Silver For The Week of November 26th

We are now long Gold at $1,740 and Silver at $32.80. Our sell stops should be $1700.00 on Gold and $31.90 for Silver. Pay attention to any news that indicates countries are missing their Gold.

Lara Logan On “60 Minutes”

The third story takes you to the plains of Africa for a look at lions in their natural habitat and the story of a married couple who have made a home and a name for themselves among the big cats. Few know more about lions than Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who have been filming them for 30 years. Correspondent Lara Logan reports.

Here’s The Next Big Scandal

Jim Willie: Global Gold War Coming As Central Bank Gold is Gone!

And It Is BIG!

I Didn’t Say It, The WGC Did!

Marcus Grubb, Managing Director, Investment at the World Gold Council said:

“Gold is beginning to re-establish itself as part of the fabric of the financial system. In the medium term, the quantitative easing initiatives in the West and the continuing growth story in the East, particularly in India and China, coupled with the seasonally strong quarter coming up in Asia, are excellent indicators for further growth in the gold market.

“Against a backdrop of continued global economic uncertainty and elections in China and the US, it is clear from five year rising demand trends that gold’s fundamental property as a vehicle for capital preservation continues to endure, as evidenced by this quarter’s increase in global ETF investment, up 56% and continued purchasing by central banks, the ultimate long term investors.”

Gold Trades At $1750

You should now be long Gold at $1740 and already long Silver. Gold is now trading at $1,749.20 up $19.50 and Silver hit $34 up $.59!

Rick Rule Speaks About The Current Gold Cycle

Time To Buy Silver Is Now!

Why Silver Is The Best Investment Over The Next Decade from Vinit Bolinjkar

And….It’s Gone!

On the heels of an interview I posted of Eric Sprott saying we have a Gold shortage, comes this news from Austria:

Since 2007 Austria’s national bank has had a constant reserve of around 280 tons of gold; 224.4 tonnes (around 80%) of Austrian gold reserves were in the United Kingdom, around 6.9 tonnes (around 3%) are in Switzerland, and around 48.7 tonnes (around 17%) are in Austria itself.

“The bank said that the reason to store gold abroad was that because in a time of crisis it could be speedily traded.  Through leasing of its gold the Austrian National Bank has in the last 10 years earned around 300,000,000 euros.”

Leasing means they leased the Gold to a third party receiving an interest rate. The third party sold the Gold, capping the Gold market, and investing the proceeds.  If there is a Gold shortage and Austria wants to repatriate its Gold from the leasee, how does the leasee get the Gold back? Hate to say it Austria, but “Its Gone!”

Obama Said No Tax Increases On Middle Class

Yet, according to a Tax Foundation study

“…of how the fiscal cliff would affect typical families in each state, the Tax Foundation reports that if the numerous tax provisions that are due to expire on Dec. 31 are not changed, a four-person family in New Jersey with a median income of $101,682 will see its taxes go up at a rate 6.82 percent of its income, which translates into about $6,933.

“The tax issues in question are the expiration of the Bush tax rates, which also include the elimination of the 10 percent tax bracket and the reduced deduction for married filers; ending the 2 percent cut to employee-side Social Security taxes; and the Alternative Minimum Tax.”

Oregonian middle-income families with a median income of $65,950 will see their tax increase go up 4.62%. You don’t want to pay your fair share, then you’d better hope that the Republicans hold the line on taxes!

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