There Is A Void In Our Education!

There is a void in our education! We have a populace that is ignorant of Capitalism. They focus for heroes on sports figures and TV and movie stars that come and go like snowflakes. Ask a question like, “What does a grocery store make in profits per dollar of sales?” and either you get a blank look or some guess that assumes that grocery stores are widely profitable and thus probably greedy little bastards. Ask these same people about Kim Kardasian’s shoe size and they will know that and her favorite shoe brand.

I think our heroes should be the small business owners, who wrestle with all there is to grow a business, and software builders that allow us to track all the parts of a growing business without whom small business owners would work themselves into an early grave. Without software no business could handle all the information needed to provide jobs for millions of workers.

Suppose you decide to start a shoe store. You need to buy shoes from a big maker of shoes such as NIKE (the Vendor), stock those shoes (inventory), mark them up to customers enough to pay the utilities, taxes, insurance, and lease plus a little more (a profit) to allow you to put food on the table, put a roof over your heads and clothing on your backs. You may need to take orders for shoes not in your inventory. Eventually, you may need to take orders over the phone, deliver your goods and hire and pay employees.

As long as you stay real small, you may be able to keep track of everything on a pad of paper. When you have thousands of vendors and orders flying in and salespeople all with different payment methods, and government regulations to comply with and various taxes, and many buildings all over the world, theirs is no way you can handle all the information and have time to sit back to see what could we be doing better.

There is a solution to handling all this information and it’s called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and it has the ability to handle all the tasks of running a business, allowing a small business to grow to be a large business, and making a profit that allows the company to pay employees, hire more employees, make shareholders happy, and provide an investment that may increase our assets for college education and retirement. Profits are a good thing!

BTW, a grocery store makes about $.03 profit for every dollar of groceries sold.

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