5 Urgent Questions for 2013

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. at Money and Markets has five significant questions and you should be reading his answers to protect your assets:

Question #1
The U.S. debt crisis is not new; we’ve had one ever since I can remember. When will it reach critical mass?

Question #2
How do we know the debt crisis is truly blowing up?

Question #3
When will the debt crisis cease to be just a political battle? In other words, when will it turn into a flesh-and-blood disaster with a direct impact on our daily lives?

Question #4
Will we ultimately wind up with hyperinflation and an ugly dictatorship much as Germany did after World War I?

Question #5
Sometimes, it seems this debt crisis leads down the path of hyperinflation. Sometimes, it seems to imply deflation. So which should we act on?

One Response to “5 Urgent Questions for 2013”

  1. Best advice I’ve ever heard was, “if you’re going to panic, be the first to panic.”

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