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When Will Your Rights Be Restored?

This Is Our Future!

“…there is no future!”

Why I’m Bullish On Gold & Silver

It’s been a pretty tough three months for Gold and Silver enthusiasts! In that time Gold has dropped $165 and Silver has dropped $5.80. Has anything happened to make me change my bullishness on precious metals as a way to protect my financial assets? NO! Emphatically No!

I was listening to Egon von Greyerz this morning on King World News. “Egon von Greyerz (EvG): Founder and Managing Partner of Matterhorn Asset Management AG & GoldSwitzerland – EvG forecasted the current economic problems over 10 years ago. In 2002 (gold $300/ oz.)” He talks about the horrendous financial problems of Japan, then follows with the U.S.’ He says the politicians are arguing over cuts in spending and raising taxes of $1.2 trillion over ten years while spending more than $1.5 trillion a year than we take in and adding another $5.5 trillion in unfunded liabilities each year for the next ten years. $70 trillion of new debt vs $1.2 trillion cuts in spending or increased taxes. They can’t be serious!

As long as we keep adding debt, the direction of Gold will be up!

Then Eric Sprott says in an interview on Zero Hedge that investors are spending 50 times more money on Silver than Gold, and yet there isn’t 50 times more Silver than Gold in the world,m only eight!

We will find some afternoon that Silver is $100 bid, none offered.

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Merry Christmas

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and our prayers go out to all the families who lost a loved one recently.

Kyle Bass Speaking A Month Ago

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Best Books of the Month

Gold And Silver Update.

The monthly, weekly and daily trends of both Gold and Silver are now down with the failure of support at $1672.40 for Gold and $30.64 for Silver.

Major support for Gold is $1500 and $25 for Silver!

The good news comes from Tim Iacono who opines that we may be forming a massive head and shoulders bottom. “…if the other shoulder forms, that means that the correction that began 15 long months ago could soon come to an end and the gold price will f-i-n-a-l-l-y break free of its $1,550-to-$1,800 an ounce shackles.

This Is Nuts!

While looking up Tim Iacono in recent Mover Mike postings, I reported in December 2010 that including D.C., Oregon was fifth in the nation at using food stamps. Oregon had 19.3% of its population on food stamps. By May, 2011, Oregon had advanced to #2 among states with the Percentage of Population on Food Stamps at 20.1 percent. Annual Change in Food Stamps from 2010 equaled 9.6 percent. By November 2011, 20.7% of Oregon’s population was on food stamps.

KGW reported on September 12, 2012: Some 17 states showed statistically significant increases in the poverty rate, led by Louisiana, Oregon, Arizona, Georgia and Hawaii.

For September 2012, 820,459 or about 21.5% of Oregon’s population is using food stamps. Does that put us at #1? We can finally shout, “We’re #1, we’re #1!” What a great accomplishment! Do you ever get tired of the politicians in charge? Do you ever think touching the hot stove is not getting different results?

Why Gold Is Important to Our Economy

Gold closed today at $1647. I thought this guest post by Stevie Clapton was timely.

Did you know that gold is one of the few items that can retain its economic value in recessions and even depressions? Gold is a very unique substance and it is something that is important to our economy. In fact, some politicians like the free market advocate Ron Paul suggest that gold would make a much better currency than the paper dollar that we use today. There are a number of reasons why Ron Paul and many others have come to this conclusion and it actually makes a lot of sense. If you’d like to find out why gold is so important to our economy, you’ll find the key reasons below.

1 – Gold takes time and energy to be produced

Gold is a desirable item. Most people like gold because they consider it a commodity. It’s shiny, it sparkles, and it’s attractive. What people don’t realize is that their attraction to gold is what makes it cost money and be important to the economy. People want it and they are willing to spend money on it. This makes it valuable and because gold takes time and energy to be produced, it retains its economic value and is important to the economy. Unlike the paper dollar, gold cannot be printed and therefore the currency cannot get inflated by man’s greed. The paper dollar is currently printed in the United States by the Federal Reserve. They regulate the economy by controlling interests rates, handling the money supply, and essentially overseeing inflation. The problem is that this is a system controlled by man. Human beings are susceptible to greed and when you place an entire currency in man’s hand, it’s inevitable that there will eventually be failure. The paper dollar costs nothing to produce either, it is simply printed. Gold cannot be manipulated because it must be found, which takes time and costs money. You cannot print gold and it can’t be created free of cost.

2 – Gold retains its value at all times

No matter what state the economy is in, or how inflated the paper dollar is, gold always retains its value. The reason for this is because gold cannot be produced easily. It must be harvested from earth, which takes time and energy. This makes gold very stable in terms of its economic value. That is why free market advocate Ron Paul feels very strongly that gold should return to being used as a currency, in replace of paper money. It protects society from being overrun by those that obtain power. There would be no way for the government to print money and inflate the currency for narrow political reasons. In fact, wars would become far less common. Currently, when a nation goes to war, the currency is inflated and money is printed in order to afford it. This is better for politicians than taxing everyone, because inflation in the currency is far less noticed. This allows them to spend money on the nation’s military presence and wars can be started with very little sign of any economic problem by the people. However, food becomes more expensive, housing is more expensive, and the lower and middle income families suffer greatly.

3 – Should we return to a gold standard?

If you want fewer wars, a more stable economy, and a government that doesn’t control how much value your paychecks actually have, then returning to a gold standard would be great. The problem is that much of society is ill-informed about how important gold is to our economy and they don’t understand why it’s a better alternative than the paper dollar. While it may take a significant amount of time and the paper dollar will probably have to cripple itself before it happens, an actual consideration on returning to a gold standard will like take place at some point in the future.

Author Bio: Stevie Clapton works at RentersInsurance.net on the content team where he writes article about finance.

State Dept, “They Can’t Do Anything!”

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