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He Just Wants To Remember His Buddies!

Tyler Barge, a proud military veteran, spent 9 months deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 where he served in the U.S. Army National Guard. When he came home, he displayed a small American flag on his patio in remembrance of his buddies who didn’t come home. His lease only allows three things on his patio.

1. Patio furniture

2. Up to (3) working bicycles

3. Plants

His small flag is not one of the three things allowed. How this ends is not known, but it makes me wonder why these guys continue to fight for this flag.

What’s Hillary Clinton Saying?

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren on FOX, Clinton was asked “…whether, in the wake of the Benghazi attack in which four American diplomats were murdered, Americans could now feel safe or satisfied that our consulates, embassies, and diplomats are secure, Clinton responded:

“Well, as to the first question, you know, the accountability review board made a set of recommendations. We are embracing and implementing all of them, and making sure that we apply them.


“And ever since the Bush administration, our requests for security monies from Congress have not been met. So you’ve had to make priority decisions. And it’s been difficult.”

Does she mean that all through the Bush Administration (and now in the Obama regime) Congress has not met our demand for security funds or does she mean since the end of the Bush Administration (from day one in the Obama regime) Congress has not met our demand for security funds? There’s a big difference. In the first example, it’s Bush’s fault and Congress just continued the Bush Administration’s practice.

In the second case, she really lays the blame on Obama and Congress which in his first two years was dominated controlled by the Democrat Party. Now, it’s not her fault or the State Department’s, but Obama’s. I think she’s trying to avoid being labeled a screw-up. That would hurt her chances to run in 2016 and tarnish her legacy.

BTW, she even avoids responsibility by switching the subject from “our requests” to “you’ve had to make priority decisions.” She didn’t make the decisions, you did. To me this woman isn’t worth a spittoon of spit!

Prescriptions Online!

My prescription bottle was empty. Before the internet, I needed to grab the empty and head for my pharmacy, rain, sun or snow, and use gas while finding a parking spot. Depending on the time of day and whether there was a flu bug going around, I waited in line sharing air with the sick, while fending off bratty kids. Often the pharmacist would say, “This will take a half hour. Do you have some shopping to do?”

I believe the online pharmacy is wonderful invention!

Now, when my pills are almost gone, I log on to my HMO’s pharmacy, maybe in my underwear, and order my pills. No one sees my bed hair. I waste no high-priced gas. My parking spot is in front of my computer, where I receive confirmation that the prescription is now in the mail. Within a week, the postman brings my prescription to my mailbox and I spied no bratty kids.

I have looked at the leading drug stores here in the states, a Canadian drug store that caters to Americans and that delivers to the UK and Europe. All are online. Our friends at UK Medix specialize in drugs for weight loss, hair loss, impotence, female sexual health, quitting smoking and drugs to lower cholesterol. All drugs are supplied by qualified pharmacies. Within the UK, your order is delivered the next day.

When you use UK Medix, your personal information is guarded, your prescription is of the highest quality and genuine. You get free delivery in UK that you can track online, and their prices are competitive. UK Medix in the UK.

5.3 Off Oregon Coast!

This will get your attention:

MAP 5.3 2013/01/30 03:14:28 43.566 -127.598 10.2

262 km (163 mi) WNW of Bandon, OR

Tales From The Yellow Bus

Been driving the Yellow Bus for almost seven years and this is the first I’ve overheard a student say, “…not wearing any underwear.” I was so surprised that I almost planted a student’s nose in the floor as I started up without all in their seats. I don’t know if she was referring to herself or someone else and I sure wasn’t going to ask!

The DJIA vs Gold (and Silver)

Looky here! The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is nearing the 14,000 area. Currently it’s trading at 13,940. The all-time high is 14078.69 set in October 2007 (see chart). Suppose you’d switched from the DJIA to Gold right at the peak, You would have been buying Gold at $795.3, then on 3/31/09 switched back to the DJIA. Gold on 3/31/09 was $922.60 and the DJIA was 7,749. Should you have switched back to the DJIA, you would be at 14,000 today. Gold is 1662.30.

Many people when asked why they don’t buy Gold, they answer, Gold is too risky!” The DJIA has had a remarkable run since its bottom on 2009. The Federal Reserve has given investors everything in easy money they could ask for, however the DJIA is up 79.9% from its bottom, and Gold is up 80%.

BTW, the last major low in Gold was $704.90 in 11/08, Silver’s low was $8.83. You could buy 79.8 ounces of Silver with one ounce of Gold. Right now Gold is $1,662 and Silver is $31.24. You can only buy 53.20 ounces of Silver with one ounce of Gold. If the relationship stays the same and Gold trades at $3650, Silver could trade anywhere from $68.60 (53.2X) to $140 (26X). At 10:1 Silver trades at $365!!!

At the first peak in 2007, the DJIA was 17.7 times Gold. Today, at 13,940, the DJIA is 8.4 times Gold. Suppose you had made all the right moves from DJIA to Gold and back to Gold and were ready to move back to Gold. How many ounces could you buy today? You would have sold 17.7 ounces in 2009 and now you would be able to only buy 13.11 ounces of Gold. All that switching around had cost you $6,648 not figuring in “dealer, prep and options.”

What do you do now, stay in the DJIA or move to Gold? That’s the big question isn’t it? For me, I would make the trade and buy as much Gold here as possible. If the FED keeps inflating and buying bonds to keep interest rates down and the market soaring, I don’t think I will do better in the DJIA. The odds are that this market is going to take a hit. The odds are that a Gold market that has consolidated since 8/31/2011 is about to take another big run to $3650.

A Hat Tip to Dollar Collapse for picking up my post and welcome to readers from their site. For more information about the coming mania in Gold, please read my recent book “Gold Rush!” available on Amazon.


Can you believe this? Senator Chuck Shumer Democrat from New York and old, white guy wants young, black woman to apologize for lip-synching at the inaugeration. Fahgettaboudit!


My “New” Favorite Artist!

The Kow Towing Republicans!

Republicans mistakenly believe that if they deal with illegal immigration in a way that provides a path to citizenship for 11 million people living in the U.S., that they will benefit with Hispanics voting for them. They forget that Ronald Reagan signed the Amnesty Bill in 1986. “President Ronald Reagan signed that bill into law with great fanfare amid promises that it would grant legal status to illegal immigrants, crack down on employers who hired illegal workers and secure the border once and for all. Instead, fraudulent applications tainted the process, many employers continued their illicit hiring practices, and illegal immigration surged.”

Correspondent Steve Roberts said this morning that the reason we don’t have a new illegal immigration bill today is that the party of Reagan has moved to the right because of those nasty Tea Party people. WRONG, Steve! We don’t want a new bill that grants amnesty like the 1986 Bill. We want the borders secure, so that in 27 more years we don’t have another 12 million people living here illegally and receiving all the benefits as citizens do. None of what was promised in the 1986 Amnesty Bill has happened.

Republicans signed the Bill and Hispanics vote for Democrats. Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves and Blacks overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. Republicans administrations hire more women and women vote for Dems! Maybe, Republicans aren’t respected or maybe we don’t give them enough goodies. Hell, we might as well do the right thing and be radical advocates for Liberty, tell the MSM to go to hell, stick up for our own who are attacked by Democrats, and fight for lower spending. We might earn the voters respect.

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