We Canvassed The Neighborhood

In Part 9, A Sprinkling Of Clues, clown, John Henry, was found shot under a bed. Not his bed! He’s suspected of casing homes in the NE Portland neighborhood while entertaining at birthday parties.

Part 10

“Sargeant Rifler, any idea where this clown came from?” said Bigy, looking at the Domingo’s.

“Sir, we canvassed the neighborhood and got a hit. Seems there was a clown entertaining at a birthday party over on NE Thompson.”

“Speaking of canvassing the neighborhood,” said John Domingo, “have you noticed how many canvas tarps are covering houses in this area? I first thought that the recent heavy rains damaged a lot of roofs, but I haven’t seen roofers and crew near any of the houses.

“You remember the “Breaking Bad” TV series. In that show under the guise of fumigation, the house was cloaked with big, blue tarps and then a meth lab was moved into the house. The “cooks” brewed up a batch, left the home, and then the fumigators moved in. Could this dead clown have been casing out houses while doing his schtick?”

“You might have something there, John,” said Rachel Domingo. “Only in this case, the tarp over the house could be covering up a robbery. Let’s find out who gave recent birthday parties using clowns as entertainment, and if they noticed anything missing after the party. Also, check on the sellers of plastic sheeting to see if there have any recurrent buyers.”

Captain Bigy didn’t think it was just a burglary gone wrong. Someone had killed the clown while he was under the bed. Could there be another reason for his death? Why not just call the police and have him arrested? Why shoot him? No, this seemed personal!

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