The Kow Towing Republicans!

Republicans mistakenly believe that if they deal with illegal immigration in a way that provides a path to citizenship for 11 million people living in the U.S., that they will benefit with Hispanics voting for them. They forget that Ronald Reagan signed the Amnesty Bill in 1986. “President Ronald Reagan signed that bill into law with great fanfare amid promises that it would grant legal status to illegal immigrants, crack down on employers who hired illegal workers and secure the border once and for all. Instead, fraudulent applications tainted the process, many employers continued their illicit hiring practices, and illegal immigration surged.”

Correspondent Steve Roberts said this morning that the reason we don’t have a new illegal immigration bill today is that the party of Reagan has moved to the right because of those nasty Tea Party people. WRONG, Steve! We don’t want a new bill that grants amnesty like the 1986 Bill. We want the borders secure, so that in 27 more years we don’t have another 12 million people living here illegally and receiving all the benefits as citizens do. None of what was promised in the 1986 Amnesty Bill has happened.

Republicans signed the Bill and Hispanics vote for Democrats. Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves and Blacks overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. Republicans administrations hire more women and women vote for Dems! Maybe, Republicans aren’t respected or maybe we don’t give them enough goodies. Hell, we might as well do the right thing and be radical advocates for Liberty, tell the MSM to go to hell, stick up for our own who are attacked by Democrats, and fight for lower spending. We might earn the voters respect.

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