What’s Hillary Clinton Saying?

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren on FOX, Clinton was asked “…whether, in the wake of the Benghazi attack in which four American diplomats were murdered, Americans could now feel safe or satisfied that our consulates, embassies, and diplomats are secure, Clinton responded:

“Well, as to the first question, you know, the accountability review board made a set of recommendations. We are embracing and implementing all of them, and making sure that we apply them.


“And ever since the Bush administration, our requests for security monies from Congress have not been met. So you’ve had to make priority decisions. And it’s been difficult.”

Does she mean that all through the Bush Administration (and now in the Obama regime) Congress has not met our demand for security funds or does she mean since the end of the Bush Administration (from day one in the Obama regime) Congress has not met our demand for security funds? There’s a big difference. In the first example, it’s Bush’s fault and Congress just continued the Bush Administration’s practice.

In the second case, she really lays the blame on Obama and Congress which in his first two years was dominated controlled by the Democrat Party. Now, it’s not her fault or the State Department’s, but Obama’s. I think she’s trying to avoid being labeled a screw-up. That would hurt her chances to run in 2016 and tarnish her legacy.

BTW, she even avoids responsibility by switching the subject from “our requests” to “you’ve had to make priority decisions.” She didn’t make the decisions, you did. To me this woman isn’t worth a spittoon of spit!

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