Seven Places To Make Love Before You Die

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Jennifer Miller has come up with seven places to make love before you die. How many can you check off?

  • On a boat – canoes, rowboats, ships, ferries or sailboats
  • In a hammock –
  • In a hostel bed –
  • In the desert – I think camping anywhere might qualify
  • In the shadow of volcanoes – the Big Island of Hawaii would certainly qualify, but not parking at Mt. Tabor or Rocky Butte
  • In a hot springs – does a hot tub count
  • Au plein aire – in a field of flowers, or hay, in the middle of a long road trip, on the floor of a pine forest, on a thick carpet of pine needles, on a deserted pebble beach of any coast, under a candlelit palapa, on the shore of any lake, in your backyard, in the treehouse after the kiddies are sound asleep, beneath fireworks

Those are all certainly romantic, but I think she missed a few:

  • in a motel on a rainy Saturday afternoon
  • in a car while watching the planes land at PDX
  • on a balcony
  • in a hotel room with Cheetos and beer after white river rafting down the Snake River
  • in Sante Fe among the ghosts of La Posada

I’m sure we’ve covered all the possibilities???

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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