Book Review: “Dead Money” By Steve O’Brien

Dead Money
By Steve O’Brien

· 229 pages
· Publisher: A&N Publishing (January 5, 2013)

How much do you know about betting on racehorses? How did Russian mobsters and a smart young attorney and his horse-trainer girlfriend get involved in murder? You’ll find out soon enough in this recently released, thriller: “Dead Money.”

For the first time ever, defense attorney Dan Morgan owns a racehorse that could win big at Church Hill Downs. He could own a horse that runs in a televised race. That’s BIG, until, that is, an unknown group of thugs offers a $1 million for his horse Aly Dancer and won’t take no for an answer. Dan’s friend, math wiz, Lennie gives us a lesson in professional betting the odds.

In the meantime, Dan’s fighting for his hit and run client before a judge that insists on moving cases speedily along. The book is well written, with some sickening violence thrown in. You may read the book as fast as Aly Dancer can run.

On another level, this is the story of a man, a woman and a whole host of “backsiders” who love this horse. You’ll see that “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

I was given the book for free, but I am under no obligation to give the book a positive review.

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