How To Move Velocity Of Money

It appears there might be a concerted effort on the part of the government officials and the MSM to frighten you about the safety of your money. Cyprus is the current example that violates our property rights and even the Constitution by stealing from depositors to bail out the banks. We say here that we should exercise care when we choose a bank, because some aren’t managed well. The fear now is no bank is safe and neither are our deposits.

So what to the PTB want you to do? They want you to pull out your savings and spend it on some asset. It doesn’t matter right now what you spend it on, but they want the money moving. They want the velocity or turnover of money to accelerate. That’s is inflationary! The more we see prices moving up the more we will want to spend on more assets before they move higher in price. Already we are seeing housing prices moving up and a dearth of homes for sale. We are seeing natural gas and crude oil increasing in price, along with gasoline.

We know prices have been rising faster than the Government propaganda. Soon we will see all manner of price increases. The FED needs all that money involved with QE, work at restoring growth in the economy and they believe they can withdraw the punch bowl at just the right time to cap inflation before it gets really out of hand. Good luck with that!

The only way to protect some of what you have is with Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. The mania is coming!

3 Responses to “How To Move Velocity Of Money”

  1. When the day comes when you need to convert the precious metal into a usable
    currency, how can you be sure you will receive the real value for it at that time when the ones who are in control of the value for it, are the same people who
    intentionally set up the house of cards and brought it down to take the rest of
    what is left (from the theft in 2008)??

  2. Added another twenty-five percent into gold this week.

  3. CM, He who has the gold (and silver) makes the rules!
    Way to go TMI

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