Book Review: “Green Beans & Ice Cream” By Bill Sims Jr.

Green Beans & Ice Cream
Bill Sims Jr.

· 144 pages
· Publisher: GreenBeanLeadership Publications (October 15, 2012)

Here’s a small book that should be read by every boss and middle manager and supervisor trying to get employees to buy into company goals. Green Beans & Ice Cream should be read by every teacher and parent trying to change a childs attitude and behavior.

Bill Sims Jr. spends some time on attitude and behavior. Does reinforcing an attitude result in positive behavior or is it the other way around; reinforce positive behavior and you change an attitude. He argues for the latter. H

Sims argues that positive reinforcement (R+) works, where fear based motivation only works while you are still in the area and leads to escalating fear based motivation. R+ is usually thought of as money based, but again Sims argues that may not be the right way to motivate the Gen Xers.

I have been involved in sales since I was in grade school delivering newspapers. I’ve seen all kinds of R+ and have used many kinds on my two girls. My sixth grade teacher used one kind of motivation that really pushed classmate Robert Schuyler and me to excel. Every time we read a book and wrote a book review she would put a big star next to our name on a roster of the class. Robert and I had stars stretching the length of the classroom.

Commission sales motivated me. Another boss gave us R+ by telling us that we were awesome and when we reached our potential… The next year he said of our performance that we were awesome and when we reached our potential… Of course we made a lot of money, too.

I motivated my daughters by giving them small pieces of paper town from a legal pad every time they did something good. I was lavish with the pieces and told them at the end of the week they could trade them in for ice cream or something else we agreed on. To this day, Erica still has some pieces that she didn’t trade in.

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