Jason Collins Comes Out!

Jason Collins played with the Celtics and Wizards this season, his 12th in the NBA.
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Jason Collins is the first player in the NBA to admit he’s gay. Who cares! How well has he played the game of basketball. Pretty darn well. Collins has appeared in “…two state high school championships, the NCAA Final Four and the Elite Eight, and nine playoffs in 12 NBA seasons.

Do I care what he does in his bedroom? Not one bit. In fact I don’t care what anyone does in their private moments.

I guess now we’ll find out that many more athletes and actors and ordinary people will come out. Good for them all. What a burden to have to act one way while feeling another.

I care more about their politics!

One Response to “Jason Collins Comes Out!”

  1. I thought the same thing. Who cares!
    Yesterday’s headlines everywhere, seemed to focus on Jason Collins and two things.
    (1) He is a basketball player
    (2) He is gay.

    Since he is in the pros, I hope he is a good basketball player.
    Carl Lewis was a good long jumper.
    Greg Louganis was a good diver.

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