Greenville, CA EQ Swarm

There’s quite a swarm going on in Greenville, Calif. initiated by two fairly large quakes:

  1. 4.9 11km WNW of Greenville, California 2013-05-24 01:02:19-07:00 0.0 km deep
  2. 5.7 11km WNW of Greenville, California 2013-05-23 20:47:08-07:00 11.0 km deep

An article in Wired by

Erik Klemetti

Erik Klemetti is an assistant professor of Geosciences at Denison University. He reveals that it appears this swarm of quakes occurred on the Mohawk Valley fault zone and is not related to Mt. Lassen nearby. Looking back 20 years, this area is seismically active and is part of strike-slip fault system in which one land mass is moving past the other.

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