Book Review: “America Rising” By Tom Paine

· Print Length: 323 pages
· Publisher: Tom Paine; 1 edition (February 10, 2012)

I loved the book “America Rising” for the story of what could happen in the U.S. and hated it for its slurs on the Tea Party movement.

This is a story of present day America and people’s rising dissatisfaction with the economy and the government. First, we have the Tea Party movement, mad at the way our government has strayed from the Constitution and the writings of the Founding Fathers. Then, we have the Occupy Wall Street movement dissatisfied with the difference in assets and earnings of the 99% and the rich 1%.

The book is hard to put down and filled with cliff hangers. You might note the similarity between “America Rising” and “Atlas Shrugged.” Both books have a mysterious character who takes vengeance on the violators of our Liberty. One is named John Doe and the other is John Galt. Can we turn things around? For once I feel optimistic!

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