The Continuing U.S. Decline in Economic Freedom of the World Index

With whom do I argue the most? It would have to be people on the left that argue as socialists or statists and don’t put much emphasis on property rights. Well this country ranked with Canada, New Zealand and even Chile, a developing country on its way to first-world status is losing ground says the Cato Institute in a new report on Economic freedom.

“The authors of the report note that the United States has fallen in all areas that the report measures: size of government, the legal system and security of property rights, sound money, freedom to trade, and regulation. Increased spending, a weakening rule of law, worse monetary policy, greater trade barriers, and more regulation are to blame.”

You cannot have a booming economy, low unemployment, rising wages and a safety net for the poor if there is little or no economic freedom. We have lost our way. This country needs to throw off the shackles and throw out politicians who vote for less economic freedom. We need to educate our children starting now!

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