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SP500 ETF Trading Strategies & Plan of Attack for This Week

Index ETF Trading Strategies: Stocks have kick started this week with a 0.85% pop in price but the big question is if the market can hold up. Last week stocks repeatedly gap higher and sold off with strong volume telling us that institutions are slowing phasing out of stocks (distribution selling) unloading shares into strength and passing them onto the a average investor to be left holding bag.

I want to show you a couple charts which show the price action, volume and money flow of the SP500 so you have a visual of what I am talking about.

30 Minute Intraday SP500 Chart – ETF Trading Strategies

In the chart below you can see the price gaps followed by selling. Why is this important? It is important because during a down trend the market makers and big money plays who have the money and tools to manipulate the markets will allow the market drift higher or they will run price up in overnight or premarket trading when volume is light. Once the 9:30am ET opening bell rings volume and liquidity spike which allows the big money player to sell remaining long positions and or add to short positions they have.

If you look at the blue on balance volume line at the bottom of the chart you can clearly see that more contracts are being sold than bought which is typically an early warning sign that the market is about to fall farther.

ETF Trading Strategies


Automated Trading System – 30 Minute ES Futures Chart

Below is a marked up screen shot of my automated trading system which I use for timing both futures and ETF trading strategies. The color coded bars tell you the market trend along with the strength of buyers and sellers.

When you couple market cycles, trends, volume/money flow, along with chart patterns we can forecast and trade markets with a high degree of accuracy in terms of market direction and timing. Ross Clark & I talk about cycle analysis, market stages etc… which you can listen to live here:http://talkdigitalnetwork.com/2014/03/this-week-in-money-129/

Automated Trading Systems


My Index ETF Trading Strategies Conclusion:

Just to be clear on the current market trend and my overall outlook let me explain a little more. Overall, the broad stock market remains in an uptrend. Thursday and Friday of last week we started getting orange bars on the chart telling us that cycles, volume, and momentum are now neutral. It’s 50/50 on which way the market will go from here, so until the market internals (cycles, volume, breadth) push the odds in our favor enough for a short sell trade or a new long entry we will not add new positions to our portfolio.

It is important to understand that nearly 75% of stocks/investments move with the broad market. So we don’t want to add more long positions when the odds are not in favor of higher prices. Trading in general is not hard to do, but creating, following, executing properly money and position management is. If you have trouble with following or creating an ETF trading strategy you can have my ETF trading system for rising, falling and sideways markets traded automatically in your trading account.

Learn more here about my Automated Trading Systems

Chris Vermeulen


Chris Vermeulen
Founder of Technical Traders Ltd. – Partnership Program

This Is The Way To Enjoy London

On my Bucket List is Wimbledon in London in June and July. I have watched the tennis matches since McEnroe and Bjorn Borg fought the famous tie-breaker of 18 games. And, I cheered for Jimmy Connors as he smashed the ball at his rivals. There are people in the U.S. who just love to visit London, have been many times and will go again and again. Me? I’ve never been. I’m looking forward to a vacation in the city. When I go for the matches and the sights, I want to stay for a month.

How do I find a place to stay? What must I see? It occurs to me that if I really want the best time ever, I need to seek the help of the locals. Recently, I heard about Londoners Robert and Polly Arnold who with their three children Rachel, Jonny and Mike, act as experts offering their personal services to make your trip a success. They will use their 22 years of experience to find a suitable apartment for you to use as your home base.

Use their London apartments booking service, and the Arnolds will help you find anything from a studio to a four bedroom accommodation. Maybe, you are traveling to London on business, you can choose an apartment or hotel from the list the Arnolds provide based on your preferences. Then they will arrange viewing appointments of your choices.

I know from my travels a local connection is extremely valuable and it can save me money. In fact, the owner of a B&B where I stayed knew of places I could buy at lower prices than the tourists and shared with me the names of restaurants where the locals dine.

So enjoy London by calling the Arnolds. Maybe, I’ll see you in June.

Book Review: Chemical Chaos (Book 1 of the Blood Moon Series) R.K. McWilliams

Print Length: 194 pages
Publisher: Gold Writer Publishing; 1 edition (October 15, 2013)

Here’s a timely book. April 15, 2014 marks the first Blood Moon of the tetrad occurring in 2014-2015. This will be the first time since 1967 a tetrad has taken place and will occur on Jewish feasts of Passover and Tabernacles. Some religious leaders attach special significance to this tetrad. Not only will a huge gas cloud be swallowed up by a black hole in our constellation, but bad or evil things may be loosed.

Now comes R.K. McWilliams with another take on the Blood Moons. What if all the chemicals we expose ourselves to every day not only injured our immune system, but mixed to create exposure to new illnesses. We already know the dose of chemicals added to livestock are having effects on our bodies. Girls are reaching puberty earlier, for example, and we are developing immunities to antibiotics. Some worry about GMOs and some countries have banned imports of our agricultural products. Others worry that our wheat has been changed so it no longer resembles original wheat.

All of this threat in “Chemical Chaos” ramps up in 2014 and peaks during the first Blood Moon. The premise is believable, we are at risk, and you’ll want to check all of the ingredients on all the labels in your house after reading “Chemical Chaos”. I just found out that some breakfast cereals contain TSP.

This Is A Blood Moon

Book Review: Autumn in Carthage By Christopher Zenos

Paperback: 332 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 5, 2014)

My review is based on a print copy provided to me by The Cadence Group on behalf of the author, Christopher Zenos, for review purposes. I was not paid to submit a review.

The novel starts with a package received and inside is a clue to the disappearance, nine months ago, of Dr. Nathan Price’s best friend Jamie. But this clue of Jamie’s whereabouts is in a bunch of documents from the era of the Salem witch trials. Jamie is in Salem of 1760.

The book is a well-written, wonderful tale of time travel, romance and friendship. You’ll fall in love with the characters and feel at peace as you read. It’s also a cautionary tale of politics and shadowy warriors for humanity, trying to justify their actions by appealing to the “greater good.”

Christopher Zenos is a university professor, writing under this pen name. He has contended with mental illness all his life. He writes a darn good book!

Government Bans Conservative Mark Dice From Youtube

Mark Dice has made a name for himself by asking questions of the young that demonstrates how out of touch they are “… on account of mainstream media brainwashing.”

Google has decided that he violates “Severe Terms of Service Violations,” so several videos have become banned from Youtube which is owned by Google.



Venezuela Devalues Bolivar

Venezuela officially devalued the bolivar today from the official rate of 6.29 to the USD to 55! That is an 88% devaluation, meaning a dollar’s worth of US goods cost yesterday 6.29 Bolivars, now costs 55 Bolivars.

Tea Party Wins Write-in

In what appears to be an unexpected victory for a conservative businessman who has made a point of bucking his own party, Republican Scott Wagner is presumed to have won a write-in campaign to defeat party nominee Ron Miller for an open seat in the (Pennsylvania) state Senate.The closely watched, hotly contested face-off ended in disappointment for the Republican mainstay and a first major victory for the tea party in York County.

RINOs should be nervous!

Venezuela Cracks Down

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has used the military, legislative and judicial power consolidated during 15 years of socialist rule in a sudden series of blows against opponents who have spent more than a month protesting in the streets, knocking down their barricades and throwing dissident leaders in jail.

Where are Obama and Kerry?


I know you may be getting tired of the wall-to-wall coverage of …the rioting in Venezuela. What rioting in Venezuela? I know the MSM has ignored the situation, but not Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, which “…announced Monday it has suspended flights to and from Venezuela capital Caracas as violent protests continue in the country.” Venezuela has also severed ties with Panama. “Venezuela’s President severed diplomatic relations with Panama Wednesday, accusing the Central American nation of being a “lackey” for the United States in a conspiracy plot against his government.”

What’s Going On In Venezuela (In A Nutshell)

You want to know which side to be on? Just take note of which side Daily Struggles is on when it says, “The right-wing opposition’s protests are not about progressive social change, they are about social reaction trying to halt one of the most progressive social processes going on in the world right now.”

Why is rioting in Venezuela important to the U.S.? The WSJ writes, Why is what’s happening important?

Venezuela, which has the world’s biggest oil reserves, is among the biggest oil exporters and one of the top five suppliers to the U.S., so increased instability could potentially agitate global markets. The country’s domestic and foreign policies have at times have been at odds with those of the U.S. Venezuela’s government has aimed to counterbalance U.S. influence in the region, by supporting other leftist governments, such as those of Cuba, Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador. Venezuela has also built close ties to Syria and Iran (emphasis added). Further political instability could lead to more deterioration in the local economy, which has faced slowing growth and climbing prices.

Not only do we have leftist governments on our southern borders, but Syrian and Iranian influences. Couple that with Russia trying to open seaports in Latin America, we have a real threat. Let’s take our attention off Malaysian air planes and Ukraine and concentrate on the closest threats.

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