Cover Oregon Wastes $245 Million

cover oregon

Well that was fun, wasn’t it?

“Cover Oregon closed one of the sorrier chapters in the history of Oregon state government Friday when it opted to dump its troubled $245 million health insurance exchange in favor of the federal exchange.”

The Population is about 3.9 million so that’s almost $63 for every man, woman and child. The two of us could have had a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant for $126. Insteadwe got this screwing that just left us sore. Gov. Kitzhaber you are ultimately responsible for this disaster. I hope voters remember which party you belong to: The Democrat Party!

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  1. And yet there’s a good chance he will win! Why, it’s because people are locked into party thinking… Anyone else tired of the two party system? When will politicians do what’s good for the people, instead of the party? Hope you might consider me as your Write In Candidate for Oregon Governor. I’m not affiliated with a party and I don’t accept donations.
    Royce Cantrell for Oregon Governor
    The “Write In” Candidate for You!
    YouTube Video:
    Twitter: Royce Cantrell @roycecantrell14
    Campaign Headquarters: 541.409.2218 (Issues and Interviews)

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