Book Review: The Curtain – A Novel By Patrick Ord

• Print Length: 314 pages
• Publisher: Henry Maddox Publishing; 1 edition (February 24, 2013)

You’ve heard of “data mining”, but did you know that based on your web searches, your social media contacts and interactions, your clicking on internet ads and a whole lot more, companies can know if your daughter is pregnant before you do; can turn you down for a loan because your neighbors scores are low; can be turned down for a job because of correlations of your interests and losers; or based on your grocery purchases and diabetes that you can be turned down by your health insurer.

This is a book about marketing in the U.S by corporations whose only goal is to make profits at the expense of society. The book is a defense of capitalism, but not the capitalism that has no virtue or self respect practiced by so many. The answer is not more regulation by a growing federal presence, but enlightenment by consumers. This a book with a darn good story that will keep you turning pages through the night, because you won’t be able to sleep anyway after starting the book.

This is a book where you’ll learn the difference between self esteem, supported by our educational establishment and self respect. By the end of the book you’ll be cheering for the most unlikely man to lead us back from the edge.
Read the book I rated at five (5) stars, but I would give it ten (10) stars if I could.

Move over “Atlas Shrugged.”

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