The Government Needs An Out Group

Team Obama Calls Out the SWAT Team on Tea Party Patriots

Team Obama has an Out Group

Whatever you call our U.S.  economic system, be it Crony Capitalism, Statism, Socialism, Fascism or just Tyranny and Totalitarianism, it definitely is not Capitalism.  The government will seek more and more control over the economy and our lives. The rule of law isn’t applicable anymore. The Constitution is now just a piece of paper with Democrats trying to pass an amendment that would gut our freedom of speech. They have already tried to do away with our right to bear arms. The border is no longer protected. Just look at the flood of illegal aliens coming from Mexico and nations south.

In this position our government will seek an “out group.” This time it won’t be the Jews and God forbid the out group would be Islam. No this time it is the Tea Party and people who subscribe to the old values.

“I’m going to lay it out honestly for you, the Tea Party is as close as we’ve ever been to being permanently exiled to the political wilderness.  We’ve always believed that no matter how they lied about us, smeared our leaders, or sabotaged our efforts, our righteous mission would overcome. We kept working and winning and the movement kept growing.”

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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