The Covert Christian Bible


Just in time for the coming tyranny, a Grants Pass company has come up with an app for your Android, soon for the iPhone, that holds the whole Bible in a disguised cover. It’s available for viewing with a code.

This is very handy in Iraq where Christians are persecuted. There your house is marked as a Christian and you have three choices to survive:

  • Renounce your faith by converting to Islam
  • Pay a huge tax
  • Leave the country

Or Die!

World Net KJV is now available for Free at, and at the Google Play Store for easy download to your Android tablet or phone.

World Net KJV is the creation of the programming professionals at Division Six, a web and mobile development company in operation for over fifteen years. Division Six has a long record of publishing complex, secure, and effective programs for education, banking, games, and diverse other applications.

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