By Jack Kelly
Kelly’s Panorama To The Point
Tuesday, 02 September 2014

America is in crisis because the people responsible for governing the country are looting it instead.

Obamacare has sent health insurance premiums and budget deficits soaring, clobbered employment, dragged down economic growth. But it’s been a bonanza for big health insurance companies, to whom President Obama plans to hand $8 billion more taxpayer dollars.

“Renewable” energy firms produce little electricity at exorbitant cost, but reap billions in taxpayer subsidies.

Illegals have committed more than 3,000 murders and 8,000 sexual assaults in Texas since 2008, the governor said. More flood across the border because Democrats see them as future Democrat voters; big business sees cheap labor.

More than 500 veterans died or were seriously injured last year due to “inappropriate” care at Veterans Administration hospitals, according to internal documents. The Office of Special Counsel is investigating 67 claims of retaliation against whistleblowers at 45 VA facilities in 28 states. Managers altered records to conceal neglect, and to obtain bonuses they hadn’t earned.

It’s hard to find a government agency anywhere that isn’t run mostly for the benefit of those who staff it.(emphasis added)

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